The Menopause Phase yet Simple Prevention

The Menopause Phase yet Simple Prevention 1

M phase – or else known as the dreaded Menopause

Out of the mouths of ‘babes’ (or in my case Emma)

So there I was minding my own business when my best friend was telling me about her experiences going through Menopause….I was kind of switched off (this wasn’t me) when out of nowhere I heard Emma say (LOUDLY) ‘Mom aren’t you going through Menopause yet‘?? And you know what I was like – I am 50 now surely this can’t be me – or can it be?

What did Google say?

And so for the past few weeks I have been reading articles from my other best friend (aka Google) and doing some tests on my own self 🙂 you know to see! Here are some of the things I now know:

                 The Menopause Phase yet Simple Prevention 2

 this is not me….yet!



I have read if you have a Hot Flash you will know about it!

The Menopause Phase yet Simple Prevention 3





last time I checked I even had estrogen so yay for that!

The Menopause Phase yet Simple Prevention 4




okay I have to admit over the past few months my hair does seem thinner!

The Menopause Phase yet Simple Prevention 5





not itchy so much but…so dry and I have got rash like stuff. On the fence with this one.

The Menopause Phase yet Simple Prevention 6





and this made so much sense – with age collagen does decrease so yes for this one!

The Menopause Phase yet Simple Prevention 7

From these symptoms I only have dry skin and hair loss – surely this isn’t it for me (2/ 10)? At this point I decided to disagree with the darling Em and deal with my skin (please let me know your thoughts on this).

So back to my skin – I needed a change! It was so dry and sore and bumpy. Even after washing it was sore and tight.

Change is Good and sometimes Necessary!

And this is my NEW routine (everything geared to hydration and obviously collagen – because yes I am sure my skin is thinner now).

1) I use the Tri-micellar Nourishing Milk from AA Cosmetics and I clean my skin every day and night. It is so gentle I love it. I put some on cotton wool and gently massage my face taking off the day/ nights impurities. It leaves my skin so clean and happy.

2) I then use the HA+ day/ night cream also from AA Cosmetics and I put tons on. I let it sink in and then apply some more (just in case you know).

3) and I have been using the Red bubble mask twice a week

The Menopause Phase yet Simple Prevention 8

Above picture has the 2 Bubble masks + HA+ cream + AA Cosmetics Toner + Nourishing Milk

Bottom picture has the same except I am trying these new face washes from AA Cosmetics. I need to be gentle and they are definitely.

The Menopause Phase yet Simple Prevention 9

Results yet?

We all know results are so important and I can report that the ‘rashiness’ has gone. My skin does tend to start feeling drier after 6 pm but it recovers immediately after using the nourishing milk – IMMEDIATELY! And it also is more comfortable when I wear makeup….last week I could see some ‘cakeyness’ but this week it is better. It isn’t 100% yet but I know it will be soon 🙂

Before I end this post I just want to add something about the big M. You may know to be prepared for hot flashes and night sweats when you get to menopause, but you may not know that falling estrogen levels can also affect the health of your skin and hair.

Collagen loss begins early but is most rapid in the first few years of menopause, leading to dry, flaky skin and lackluster locks. And Estrogen helps keep things hydrated and plump and youthful-looking so once that starts to decrease you will definitely feel changes in the texture of your skin. I actually didn’t know this – oil glands shrink after menopause – also explaining dry flaky skin.

Here are some things you can do:

1) stop smoking

2) increase your vitamins

3) increase your levels of omega oils

4) be gentle with your skin

5) use a sunscreen

6) Drink more water

7) stress less

Remember don’t hesitate to ask me any questions. Generally my feeling is we all going to get older – so we can either spend all our time trying to stop it from happening or – just BE!

Stay sweet and be cool.