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Welcome to our store

A warm and friendly welcome to our store! This is one of my favorite photos of Emma and myself.  It was because of Emma that I founded Glamore Cosmetics – to read more about our special story click on the button. Because of Emma all our brands are Cruelty Free & Hypoallergenic – welcome to our store and to our Family

Jingle Glam Rock

Shop Our Christmas Bundles!!

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Foundation Match

Choosing a shade of foundation online can be quite tricky, but never fear! We provide an unique service. We can match our foundation to your skin tone if you send us a picture of yourself with and without makeup on as well as the name and shade number of the foundation you currently use. We have 100% success rate with this and it has become one of the reasons why we stand out from other companies.

Collaboration Kits

Our Collaboration Kits with Sugar and Spice!

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