Liquid Primer – YOU need this!

liquid primer

Liquid Primer – YOU need this!

Get the most out of your makeup collection with this one miracle Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly product! To find out more about our Vegan Friendly and Cruelty-Free products check out this post on Glam HQ.

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liquid primer

Let’s get real; many of us see the ever-changing & awe-inspiring makeup trends and desperately want to try them, but aren’t in a financial position to buy the latest greatest products, nor to replenish our existing stash given the current global economic climate. Additionally, since the pandemic hit, there is an increasingly popular trend to use up what we have and/or re-purpose things, rather than buying everything we set our eyes on.

Today I’ll be sharing how just ONE simple product can do all of that!

Rejuvenate Dried-Out Cream & Liquid Products

Liquid Primer - YOU need this! 1

Do you have a Brow Pomade, Gel Eyeliner, Cream Blush, Liquid Eyeshadow or Mascara rolling around in the back of your makeup draw that has long since dried out, but you just don’t have the heart to throw it out? I know I do!

Simply add a drop or two of the Pierre Rene Liquid Primer, mix & voila…Your favorite cream or liquid product is ready to use once again. If that’s not exciting enough; this product transforms anything it is added to into a water resistant formula!

Create Custom Colors & Finishes

Liquid Primer - YOU need this! 2

Use your Loose Pigments or scrape a tiny amount off the top of a Pressed Eyeshadow to get creative by mixing different colors together. Add a little Glitter to a Matte Eyeshadow to completely transform the finish & create your very own unique Liquid Eyeshadow.

Transform Your Favourite Lipstick Into A Smudge-Resistant Formula

Liquid Primer - YOU need this! 3

We have enough to think about without having to worry that our lipstick has ended up everywhere expect our lips by the end of the day right? Ever popped into the bathroom after an important meeting only to realise you only have lipstick around the outer edge of your lips? Ever forgotten to pack your Lipstick into your handbag for touch-ups once you’ve left the house?

These are problems of the past with the Liquid Primer. You can either dab it onto your lips before applying lipstick, or wait for your lipstick to dry & apply a little Liquid Primer over the top to get maximum staying power. Nifty hey?

Demo Video

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Makeup Collection:

Liquid Primer - YOU need this! 4

Play With Trends

Graphic Eyeliner

Liquid Primer - YOU need this! 5

As if we weren’t struggling enough just to get the perfect winged liner, we’re now doing Graphic Eyeliner or Floating Eyeliner! To get this right, it’s important that the product you use is the right consistency & is pigmented enough to glide effortlessly over the eyelid so it doesn’t end up skipping as you apply it and looking like tire tracks.

Graphic or Floating Liner looks use bright & bold colors, however many of us don’t want to invest in a full-sized brightly coloured eyeliner that we may never use again after trying our hand at the trend. Enter Liquid Primer…

Simply scrape a small amount of Pressed or Loose eyeshadow onto a flat surface, add a drop or two of Liquid Primer, mix, and BOOM; you’ve created your very own waterproof liquid liner! For additional tips on applying winged & graphic eyeliner, check out our Director’s Tips here.

Glitter Lips

Liquid Primer - YOU need this! 6

I know what you’re thinking…crunchy lips with bits of glitter falling off them like fairy dust following me around as I go about my day…no thanks; but hear me out. By following the steps above, you can use your favorite metallic eyeshadow or glittery pigment over the top of any lipstick to transform it into a stunning budge-proof metallic finish.

Think Christmas Eve Dinner at the in-laws or your Year End Function makeup look. That ought to give them something to talk about, right? LOL.


Liquid Primer - YOU need this! 7

Have you noticed how many big brands are releasing new liquid & cream highlighters, blushes & bronzers at the moment? It’s all about the glow nowadays, but as I mentioned earlier, not all of us can afford to BUY, BUY, BUY all the latest trending products.

By scraping a little of your favorite pressed powder blush, bronzer or highlighter onto a flat surface and mixing with a drop or two of Liquid Primer; you can get the glowy, dewy look too! If you’re an oily skin type and have, like me, been avoiding the dewy trend; this technique is even more exciting because the Liquid Primer transforms the product into a smudge-resistant formula; so no more “my oily skin ate by cream blush” excuses.

Glossy Lids

Liquid Primer - YOU need this! 8

By now you’ve probably seen several gorgeous looks where a single liquid eyeshadow is blended all over the eyelid to create the “glossy lid” trend.

Whilst I can’t deny it looks absolutely gorgeous; again, not all of us can afford to buy a liquid eyeshadow right now in order to try this trend, plus those of us with hooded eyes are weary that the liquid eyeshadow will end up gathering in the crease of the eye by the end of the day…NOT CUTE!

Well, with the Liquid Primer you can transform any of your existing pressed eyeshadows or loose pigments into liquid eyeshadows that will not only give you the glossy lid look, but will also last all day. Woop Woop!

Body Glow-Up

Liquid Primer - YOU need this! 9

Don’t want to splurge on a liquid shimmer designed specifically for use on your chest, shoulders & legs? No problem…just scrape a small amount off the top of your favorite highlighter, mix with a drop or two of Liquid Primer, and you’ve got your very own body glow concoction that won’t rub off.

As you can see, the possibilities & uses with just this one product are endless.

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