1 primer that can do so many things!

liquid primer

Liquid primer – pure magic 1 product for so many things.

Hi guys! I am doing a blog post on one product – Gael are you nuts? (okay Gael don’t answer because….I probably am indeed nuts) But yes I am because this one product can do so many things and it fascinates me!

One Liquid primer product right?

You have heard that thing – one product that can do it all! Like those ‘vacuum things’ that can dry up wet and dry stuff? Or that magi mix machine that Emma made me buy her – because well it does mixing and cutting and all things needed in the kitchen. Almost like a magical ‘thing’ if that was magic then one product that can do everything must be MAGICAL!

Pierre Rene Liquid Primer!

Yes one product that is called a Liquid Primer from Pierre Rene’ which is cruelty free and also vegan friendly.

1 primer that can do so many things! 1

It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper for accurate mixing (oooooh so Scientific but I like it as it does away with any contamination problems and inaccuracy).

What can you add it to?

  • eyeshadows
  • powders
  • bronzers
  • blush
  • lipstick
  • Glitters
  • dried out makeup/ crushed makeup

How does it work exactly?

Add a small amount – so one drop to your dry makeup product – it instantly becomes wet and can then be used. Once you have added the liquid primer to your product the consistency changes and it is now considered to be ‘wet’.

1 primer that can do so many things! 2

In the case of eyeshadow – once you have added this liquid primer – it can be used as an eyeliner! When you add it to crushed or dried up makeup it restores its health and can be used again. When you add it to the MIYO sprinkle me! OR the Pierre Rene pigments they become liquid and can be applied to the eyes/ lips or face!

Show me what it can do!

Okay so here is a sneek peak of the liquid primer in action – small drop is added to a the Spinkle Me!  called Crush ( looks like white fairy dust but with a slight shimmer).

1 primer that can do so many things! 3

Makeup by Teri Tomsett, Photography by Justin Munitz – more on Instagram and Facebook.

1 primer that can do so many things! 4

What are the benefits to me?

Aaaaaah I knew you were going to ask that so here is the list:

  • it brings out the depth of color in all your makeup
  • it helps your makeup last longer
  • if there are any holographic particles in your make up using the liquid primer will create the most stunning effects
  • it makes the makeup waterproof

Doesn’t this sound magical to you? You can find this Liquid Primer HERE!

You guys thanks for reading my posts.

Stay magical 🙂