Giving Back Part 2!

Giving Back Part 2! 1

Giving Back to the Ladies from UCT Graca Michel Residence.

We were asked to do another UCT Dance formal and it was another opportunity for us to Give Back. Giving back for me is so important as it is an experience – I get to chat to these young ladies about what they are doing and their life plans. It also makes me happy. In my heart it just makes me feel warm in the sense that these girls who can’t afford to have their makeup done can get to look good and feel confident.

Graca Michel is one of the biggest residences at UCT. I have also learnt that so many of these young girls have sensitive skin and have been unable to find makeup that they can use on the regular. With this in mind I was confident that we could help them look fabulous with no side effects such as itchy eyes and rashes or break outs. And the reason for this is because our makeup is cruelty free and hypoallergenic. Also we have the best fixer spray in the whole world – it legit makes makeup last for 12 hours which is what you want when you going to an event like a dance formal.

So upon arrival each lady is asked to clean their face – we then use a moisturizer and ask them to apply it to their face and then wait a few minutes. After this we then apply the Hean Primer which is one of the best primers we have. It is vital to use this product under your foundation as it prevents any breakouts and also helps with keeping the makeup in place for as long as possible.

Our makeup artists have different strengths and this is why we work as a TEAM. For instance Emma is the best at foundation matching so she does this for everyone, Tiffany is our brow expert and incredibly talented so most of the ladies get their brows done by Tiffany. Mikayla can do anything and so she flits from doing winged liner to lipstick application. We were blessed to have Danelle from Danelle Hair and Makeup assist us yesterday and she was amazing. She brought along Marleze who basically organised everyone including the products….And then Robyn from Miss Robyn Beauty also joined us for the afternoon and we were grateful that she did.

Giving Back

These are some of the photos of the day. I uploaded the two of Emma because she kept me waiting 20 minutes as she is now into the eyeshadow stuff….OMG and boy it can take forever. But it was worth it right?

As for the young lady with the green braids – how pretty is she? We saw her at the end getting her photos taken and I could not resist showing you guys her dress. And of course the shoes!!

The opportunity was lovely the girls were beautiful and I was so happy we could do this! Thank you again to my team of girls (Emma, Tiffany, Mikayla, Danelle, Marleze and Robyn) you guys made Giving Back possible! As much as we could help them with their special night I think being help makes me a better person. There is no bigger strength than being kind or giving back – without expecting anything in return.

This year has been filled with learning experiences my biggest lesson has been to follow my gut if it tells me something is wrong then it is wrong. What have you learnt this year? I hope you can share it with me in the comments section.

Have a lovely week