4 tips on How To Choose Right Foundation when shopping online

4 tips on How To Choose Right Foundation when shopping online 1

Easy Tips For Choose Right Foundation ONLINE

I have chatted to many women (and men but mostly women) about the difficulties they have to choose right foundation for them when they go shopping online. Because they can’t actually see the shade they don’t know if it will match their skin. Which of course is very sad right?? Plus being a new brand to South Africa and not in retail shops yet (but cross fingers we will get there) it makes it even more difficult (double right?).

So I did some more chatting and this time to the Pierre Rene makeup experts and they mentioned the following tips which I am hoping will encourage you to try one of the foundations from our online store!! Pierre Rene is a brand from Poland which is cruelty free and this particular foundation is also Vegan Friendly. To find out more about cruelty free brands you MUST read this post!

Another important fact about Pierre Rene is that they are hypoallergenic so this foundation is for all skin types and tones – even for sensitive skin (and there are 16 shades to choose from).

Tips are as follows for Choose right foundation

TIP ONE (undertone):

Check the colour of the veins under your arms! So turn your arms over and determine whether the veins are blue/purple or green.

Blue/purple veins = Pink/cool undertone

Green veins = Yellow/warm undertone

This is important to know first BEFORE selecting the right foundation.

Once you know that- you are half way there. Skins with pink/cool undertones will use the lighter shades of any foundations whereas those with yellow/warm undertones will use foundations that are darker. This is a review from Sugar Spice Blog on the Skin Balance Foundation.

4 tips on How To Choose Right Foundation when shopping online 2


TIP TWO (the shade):

You have ascertained that your veins are blue/purple so you know you have a cool undertone. You would then choose Pastel or Sand Beige because both these shades have pink undertones to them? Deciding between these two really depends on how pale you are so if you are super pale you would then select pastel right? Still with me?

And if you have ascertained that your veins are green you then know your undertone is warm. You would then select either Natural or Beige Cappuccino as both these shades have a yellow/warm undertone to them. Again this will depend on the color or paleness of your skin as to whether you go for Natural or Beige Cappuccino.

Remember to check paleness on your neck and jawline area and NOT your wrist or anywhere else okay?

Last tip from the makeup artists: if you apply foundation with a moist sponge this results in a more natural effect. You can use one of our bevel sponges which we sell online – immerse in water and within in minutes it will swell to double the size. You need to continually squeeze the water out of the sponge before using. The sponge must not be dry because it will soak up all your foundation it must be ‘damp’.

4 tips on How To Choose Right Foundation when shopping online 3

How to use the sponge:

  1. wet thoroughly
  2. squeeze out the water
  3. the sponge will swell to double its original size
  4. place foundation onto your hand
  5. pick up some with your sponge
  6. the apply to your face
  7. tap the foundation gentle into your skin to prevent any lines or unevenness

Tip 3 (where to apply foundation)

Prior to use it is better to apply the foundation to your hand and then pick it up with the sponge. This prevents the foundation drying on your skin so when you blend it in. In this way it blends in one go and will prevent any patchiness.

Tip 4 (don’t forget the primer)

The primer will save your skin and make your foundation last longer. It is applied before the foundation and seals up all your pores making your face smooth so that when you apply the foundation it can’t enter them. This avoids any cakeyness or foundation build up during the day.

I hope these tips regarding choose right foundation will encourage you to try purchasing a foundation online? What do you think? And if you need any assistance please email me [email protected] or you can whatsapp me 0823054152 I will gladly help you find the perfect foundation shade. The beauty about this foundation is that it is so light you barely know that you are wearing any – it isn’t heavy and doesn’t sit on your skin. This for me is why I personally love it so much.

I look forward to hearing from you.