Masks – Focus on Eye Makeup


Hey Masks! We need to open our eyes and not get left behind.

The beauty industry can expect micro-categories of colour cosmetics such as eyeshadow, eyeliners, mascara, and concealers to gradually rise during COVID-19, as consumers lean into the habit of wearing masks. Finishes and textures will lead beauty conversations to meet emerging needs. With the advent of the mask as part of our daily lives – what will emerge now in the beauty industry?

Trend longevity in mask makeup

The rise of point makeup

Point makeup has grown from strength-to-strength world wide over the years and accounted for more than half of the colour cosmetics launches over the last three years. Lip colour, for instance, has been the most active sub-category for colour cosmetics, accounting for nearly one-third of the total global colour cosmetics launches in the same time frame. As people become accustomed to wearing masks and they become part of our lives – I am sure there will be an increase in point makeup such as colored mascara, eye liners, eyeshadow and concealers.

Good skin is important

Never undervalue the importance of healthy skin and especially now with using a mask every day it is critical to keep your skin as clean as possible. But aside from that retired neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock has highlighted a number of studies linking prolonged mask use to headaches and lowered blood oxygen levels, which can weaken the immune system. There have been lots of data published on the side effects of wearing a mask – none of which is conclusive so I won’t go in to any more detail. I just at this point want to reiterate that skin care comes first! However, looking good makes us feel better and especially in this unprecedented time I think we need all the feel good feelings we can get. Right?

Face mask

The mask makeup trend

During previous pandemics – lipstick was one of the most coveted makeup items (especially the red lipstick). With everyone wearing masks the emphasis has now changed and the focus is on the eyes. Products like lash serum which are under utilized due to false lashes and lash extensions can now be emphasized. Due to these services being suspended – we can now grow our own lashes. False lashes aren’t a new invention. They’ve been around forever, popularized by Hollywood celebrities through the decades like Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. Lash extensions are newer and originally were very expensive – but have in recent years become more affordable.

false lashes

Our lash serum is from AA Cosmetics – which is a brand from Poland that only makes products which are cruelty free and hypoallergenic. This beauty range is for all skin types but especially for sensitive skin prone to allergy. A lash serum will grow your natural lashes – boosts their length and their volume – so that you can survive lock down 🙂 it is 3 ml and lasts for about 8 weeks if you use it every night.

lash serum

With the advent of lash extensions and so many options for false lashes (magnetic etc) mascara sales have plummeted over time. Don’t get me wrong, mascara is still popular but lash extensions can last four to six weeks. You can swim with them, do hot yoga, go to the beach and not worry — unlike with mascara — about anything running down your face. Their convenience can’t be beat and it is this convenience over price that makes them so popular. Women have worn mascara since the 1800s when the beauty product’s formula was based on ingredients like Petroleum jelly, black shoe polish and even coal dust, according to Beryl Barnard, director of the International Makeup Association. The first nontoxic mascara was packaged in 1913 by [French chemist] Eugene Rimmel and it took off. In the United States, Hollywood was a great influence on mascara’s popularity.

lash extension technique

Lash extensions need to be performed by a qualified beautician – as there can be side effects. When getting lash extensions or wearing false lashes you don’t need to use mascara. However, it is interesting to note that about 90% of women have never tried lash extensions and still opt to wear mascara. Millennial consumers are embracing false lashes because they want their look to be Instagram ready. On the other hand younger consumers are preferring a low-maintenance, no-hassle look. They’re picking false lashes over applying and removing mascara every day. Some are forgoing mascara completely as they prioritize skincare over makeup.

We have a number of mascaras if you choose to use it especially in these times as it might be easier. We currently have 3 options – 2 from MIYO makeup and then one from Pierre Rene Professional Makeup. Both these brands are cruelty free and hypoallergenic so NO MORE ITCHY EYES. This is the biggest thing that I look for when wearing mascara – comfort! Can I wear it without my eyes itching or watering?

Must Have Mascara. Super Lash Mascara. Super Curly Mascara.

must have mascara Masks - Focus on Eye Makeup 1 Masks - Focus on Eye Makeup 2 Masks - Focus on Eye Makeup 3

Remember with any makeup product it should not last for longer than 6 months and for mascara this should actually be only 3 months. Mascara dries up quite quickly and needs to be replaced. Our mascaras are different in their composition and in the shapes of their brushes – so it just depends on what you are looking for and then you can decide what to purchase.

Other point makeup items are brow products, eyeshadows an eye liners – catch us in our next blog posts and we go into the deep on how you can stay on trend whilst wearing a mask. You can still look and feel good during these times in fact we need to choose to stay positive as ‘this too shall pass’.

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