Let’s Lash Serum

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This is a multi-active lash serum with an innovative formula designed to actively grow and enhance your natural lashes.

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Lash Serum – let’s give life a boost!

This is a multi-active lash serum from AA Cosmetics with an innovative formula designed to actively grow and enhance your natural lashes.

Key facts

Uniquely efficient eyelash serum – guarantee of hypnotizing but still natural look!
•Safety of use confirmed in tests by both dermatologists and ophthalmologists*
•New, peptide boost formulation
•Multi-direction action – focused on long, dense, thick, elastic and glossy eyelashes
•Effects of use confirmed in instrumental laboratory tests*


•Dreaming of long, thick, glossy eyelashes?
•Are your eyelashes naturally weak and short or weakened by extensions?
•Do you want to make your daily make-up routine faster and easier thanks to boosted eyelashes of your own?
•Have you thought of trying eyelash serum but you mind your money and was looking for a money-wise solution? We are here with Let’s Lash – let’s give a boost to your lashes!


•Apply the serum with one stroke of the brush-applicator on clean, dry skin of the eyelids along the upper lash line (after removing make-up)
•One movement of the hand is sufficient to apply the serum
•Use once a day at night

This can be used in conjunction with the Super Lash Mascara from Miyo which will also add volume to your lashes!


•The first results may be noticeable after only 4 weeks of regular use.
•To see the maximum effect, a full four-month treatment should be completed
•To preserve the effects of completed treatment, the serum should be applied 3-4 times a week
•One 3 ml bottle is sufficient to complete the full treatment


•PentaPEP complex – gives power to the formula and acts towards longer, denser & thicker looking eyelashes
•Sweet almond oil – conditions the eyelashes from the roots, keeping them flexible, resistant to shedding and easily manageable
•Provitamin B5 – penetrates the hair fibre and improves the hair structure, giving it a soft and glossy appearance

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1 review for Let’s Lash Serum

  1. Siobhan Yeatman

    Admittedly I’ve always been dubious with lash serums – they’re pricey and I didn’t genuinely think I’d see a difference. But I did! After 3 weeks of use, not only are my lashes looking longer, the lash line is also looking thicker and fuller, so more lashes are growing!

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