3 Essential Lip Products We Can’t Live Without!

3 Essential Lip Products We Can't Live Without! 1

Summer Or Winter You Need To Look After Your Lips & Lip Products!

I love winter. I love the cold and the rain and the fact that I can stay in my pajamas all day and no one can judge me because it’s coooollld. I’m so thankful for the rain in Cape Town this season. We desperately need it. I know that not everyone loves winter as I do. Some people love summer because they love the sun and the beach and think that summer clothing is cuter than winter clothing (they’re wrong). I am really pale and burn easily and I’m a firm believer that you can always add more layers of clothing in winter but can only take off so many clothes in summer until you’re left with just your skin.

I digress, though. The winter cold dries out your skin and your lips can really suffer. Regular lip ice doesn’t help keep your lips moisturized and lipstick doesn’t look like it usually does. So today’s guest post features advice from the lovely Ashveena from the brown_eyed_ash. Guys, this lady is amazing. She sent me a birthday present! Working for an online company is fantastic but the best part has to be connecting with beautiful souls around the country. Today Ashveena is sharing her tips and tricks to soft winter lips. Roll tape! (not really but keep reading!).

Here are 3 Lip Products

3 Essential Lip Products We Can't Live Without! 2

The right lipstick shade is very important. When your lips look healthy and you have on the perfect shade of lipstick, anything is possible! 

With Winter months as harsh as ever on your lips, the skin is vulnerable to tearing and chapping caused by the cruel wind and unforgiving dry air from heaters and aircons. The lack of sebaceous glands (these are the glands that keep your skin moisturized) means that your lips are on a solo mission into a world of pollution and unpredictable weather conditions.

Luckily, Glamore Cosmetics have all the products necessary to ensure their customers are always well prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at them. So without further or do, here it is, my top lip products for fighting crusty lips!

Number one on my list is the Hean Cosmetics Lip Sugar Scrub and Elixir.

In the world around us there’s constantly a new way to make our lives easier, in the same way we’ve moved away from waiting ages and ages for dead skin to flake off and towards exfoliants. Cue the Hean Cosmetics Lip Sugar Scrub and Elixir.

3 Essential Lip Products We Can't Live Without! 3

Both the Lip Sugar Scrub and Elixir contain a variety of nourishing ingredients like beeswax, macadamia oil and Limnanthes oil which are fused together to leave you with buttery soft lips after just one use!

Since December last year,  I’ve used the scrub once (or twice during winter) a week and it has remained a staple in my beauty routine. Easily removing the dead, dry skin, the scrub’s tiny sugar particles gently buffs away dead skin while the oils promote skin regrowth and hydration.

The elixir on the other hand is made of a blend of precious oils and ingredients and comes in a smooth, lip balm like texture. It hydrates and nourishes after exfoliation without leaving behind a sticky or oily feeling. The Elixir could also be used on it’s own as a lip balm or lip primer! Talk about a score!

My tried and tested method for using these lip products:

The Sugar Lip Peeling scrub:

  1. Take a small amount of the scrub, apply it to your lips for 2-3 minutes to allow your lips to soak up the ingredients and soften the skin making exfoliation easier.
  2. Using your index finger gently massage the scrub onto your lips making sure to get into the corners of your lips.
  3. Wipe off the scrub gently with tissue or a soft cloth soaked in warm water.

The Lip Elixir:

Using a small amount of the elixir, gently smear a layer all over your lips to lock in moisture and softness.

And that’s it! In less than 5 minutes you have ridiculously soft lips and at only R180.00 per tub (Scrub and Elixir sold separately), it’s an absolute steal!

3 Essential Lip Products We Can't Live Without! 4

Number two is the AA Caring Lip Oil.

AA Cosmetics came through with a unique lip caring oil which doubles up as a tinted gloss which is more suitable for everyday use. With the combination of a balm and the look of a gloss; luxury ingredients such as avocado oil to moisturize, raspberry extract which is full of antioxidants (in other words, Mother Nature’s way of letting us drink from the fountain of youth) and bisabolol to increase the penetration, this bottle of liquid magic should be a staple in every make up bag.

This lip oil can be used as a primer before lipstick application, as a gloss over lipstick to give it an extra bit of shine or put it down, flip it and reverse it (thanks Missy Elliot) as a berry-colored, effortless lip look when used on it’s own. I’m an avid believer in making my products multi-task and saving money where I can, so when I discovered the benefits and all the different ways of using this oil, I immediately knew that it was going to remain a must have on my shopping list. Oh, and did I mention it smells AMAZING! Just a thin layer 2-3 times a day leaves your lips smooth and silky without a sticky, gloopy feeling.

3 Essential Lip Products We Can't Live Without! 5

With a convenient liquid lipstick-like applicator and small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, a single 6 ml vial (or in a lip products/kit with a Pierre Rene lipstick and an automatic lip liner), I’d hurry before it’s all sold out.

We’ve come a long way from good ol’ Vaseline to fix every skin issue and with that has come affordable, efficient innovations from Hean Cosmetics and AA cosmetics. Our make-up bags have been given the opportunity to be blessed with lifesaving products to keep nasty lips at bay so go on and help your lips by helping yourself to these revolutionary lip products which, after just once use, yields visible results. Take my word for it!

3 Essential Lip Products We Can't Live Without! 6