2 Color Correctors – Are Hidden Gems!

2 Color Correctors - Are Hidden Gems! 1

Hello Color Correctors Newbie

Hey #makeuplovers and #newbies I need to introduce you properly to these 2 little gems from Hean Cosmetics. What makes them really great and easy is you don’t need to know your skin tone – which changes from season to season.

Color correcting concealers are designed to hide skin imperfections like redness, sallowness and general discoloration. They’re particularly good for anyone with dark circles, scars, dark spots, and hyper-pigmentation.

Most slight skin discoloration issues can be managed by your foundation and concealer, but if you’re seeking perfection, a color correcting concealer under your foundation will do the trick! They’re especially formulated to tackle those tricky areas.

You really need to follow these rules (almost like color by numbers):

2 Color Correctors - Are Hidden Gems! 2

When broken down further you can see each of these colors in the correcting wheels for the Hean Concealers:

This is for the Eye Mix Concealer:

2 Color Correctors - Are Hidden Gems! 3

And here is the Skin Mix Concealer:

2 Color Correctors - Are Hidden Gems! 4

I get many questions about these 2 products – you are meant to use them under foundation. And also they take a short time to warm up so you can apply them with your fingers. You would then use a flat shaped brush or a sponge to blend the product into your skin.

2 Color Correctors - Are Hidden Gems! 5

As long as you know where the ‘redness’ is on your face and you cover it with ‘green’ it will work for you!

2 Color Correctors - Are Hidden Gems! 6

Color-correcting isn’t for everyone. If you’re happy with the job your makeup does now, you don’t really need to mess with this whole thing. The only people who might want to use the strategy daily are those who are bothered by their skin discoloration. For everyone else, it’s one of those things you can save for life’s most photographic-worthy moments.

Think of them as an assist to liquid concealer and foundation. For example, when covering under-eye circles, the corrector “allows you to use less product due to its counterbalancing the darkness, so you can avoid piling on the concealer,”

2 Color Correctors - Are Hidden Gems! 7

Use them to make the most of your natural complexion. They’re good for addressing patches of redness, veins on your eyelids or just boosting radiance, rather than switching your skin tone from warm to cool or vice versa.

Please if you have any questions about the color correctors from Hean Cosmetics or suggestions or comments email me – let’s connect! And have a fabulous week.

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