What is Makeup Primer & How To Apply it?

What is Makeup Primer & How To Apply it? 1

Do you use a makeup primer?

Makeup primer for your skin? OMG!! What on earth is that? Preparing your skin is in fact the MOST important part of makeup application.

In fact the key to flawless, healthy skin begins with great skin preparation. Skin does not look it’s happiest when it is dry, tired, cracked or oily.

So essentially good skin prep = natural, flawless glowing skin. Do you ever suffer from the following:

1) your makeup separates on the face before the end of the day?

2) your makeup creases easily

3) your makeup is streaky/blotchy or uneven

4) you break out regularly

5) you have some shiny patches/oily skin

If you answered yes to any of the above….you need to consider a ‘makeup primer’ and remember skin preparation also includes a MOISTURIZER! And yes I know – I know that time is limited for us Moms but it is worth it. I promise – your makeup will last all day and will ultimately give you the confidence that frees you from worrying about tiny cracks or oiliness.

smoothing makeup base

Makeup Primer + Foundation like….Mac and Cheese 🙂 always together! What does a primer do?

I get this question a lot! The primer goes into all the ‘gaps’ in your skin (pores/ cracks) and fills them up – yip in the case of pores it seals them shut – preventing any oil from escaping. This does three things: 1) prevents any oily shine by the end of the day, 2) assists with applying foundation because now your skin is smooth and 3) keeps makeup in place preventing it from sliding off.

How to apply a Makeup primer?

A makeup primer isn’t something you apply all over your face – you only apply a small amount to places where you need it. For instance if you have combination skin and your T-panel is oily – you apply a small amount to that region. Because it can dry out your skin if applied to your whole face.

Don’t forget to 1st apply a Moisturizer and only then the primer as the primer provides a barrier between your skin and foundation. So essentially it protects your skin from any break outs or irritations. It isn’t essential true – but it is a necessity. In a nutshell – a moisturizer is not a primer and vice versa – the one keeps your skin soft and the other prepares your skin for makeup/ foundation. A primer gives your foundation something to hold on to so that is lasts the whole day.

If you’re not familiar with the idea of a gripping primer, one of the beauty gurus you can look to is NikkieTutorials. While Nikkie obviously didn’t invent the idea that primers should be sticky, she did create the first known hack for it. The idea behind Nikkie’s hack and presumably behind gripping primers in general is that your base should be tacky. This allows your makeup to adhere to your face in a way that makes your base practically budge proof. Nikkie first made this happen with Nivea aftershave. Yes, really. Soon, that trick was all over YouTube.

What is Makeup Primer & How To Apply it? 2

Another tip for primer application is to use your fingers – rub the primer into your finger tips and then apply to your face. Massage gently into the skin count to 15 and then apply your foundation.

Which Primer is for you?

Okay this is a great question because there are quite a few primers out there and they all do different things. So here are some guidelines I hope they help you:

1) combination/ oily skin – Perfect Makeup Base from HEAN. This primer has a blurring effect on the skin, besides that, it has a mattifying effect. If you have oily skin, your oils will be controlled through the day.

What is Makeup Primer & How To Apply it? 3

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 2) If you have dry skin then this one is for you! I was so pleased when HEAN introduced this primer because now we cater for all skin types! If your makeup tends to go cakey due to your skin being dry, then start with this under your base.

What is Makeup Primer & How To Apply it? 4

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AA Cosmetics Primers

What is Makeup Primer & How To Apply it? 5

3) The green primer (anti redness) is for skin that has redness. We recommend this to people who suffer from redness that shows through foundation, people who have acne and rosacea.

4) The pink primer (calming) we found is great for extremely sensitive skin or its good to use when your skin becomes irritated.

5) Our Gold primer (Anti Age) is a beautiful primer for people over 30 years of age. The thick consistency helps to fill in pores and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

6) Last but certainly not least is our Anti Shine primer (silver) this is magic in a bottle. The consistency starts off as a liquid and turns into a gel as you massage this into your skin.

As long as you are using a primer that suits your skin and your skins needs, your makeup will look flawless and your skin will be taken care of at the same time. Remember, good skin = amazing makeup.

Protect your skin!