Is Social Media good or bad? Especially for Teens

Is Social Media good or bad? Especially for Teens 1

Social Media is good or bad- Yes Social media is good and bad and ugly.

Thank you so much for clicking on and reading this post – it was a hard one to write, Is social media good or bad? I was procrastinating for quite some time until I actually saw some things in social media. These things had nothing to do with me! They had no effect on my life at all.

But every time I opened up my IG or Twitter and You Tube they were in my face and I began to realize that I need to write this post. Simply because – yes these events that had nothing to do with me were infiltrating my space and affecting me in a negative way. I felt bombarded. I felt harassed.  And I felt down and sad.

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Is Social Media good or bad? Especially for Teens 2

Is Social Media Good or bad? As you already know – and probably have forgotten – so much of what is on social media is NOT TRUE! It is absolute ‘bull crap‘ and fake and total lies!
Here are some of the negative impacts social media can have:

  • You think you know someone – but you really don’t 

It’s easier for people to pretend to be someone they are not online, than it is face-to-face. Be on the lookout for inconsistencies and statements that don’t make sense. Whenever possible, base your assessment of another person (and of their intentions) on facts you can verify.

Social media is full of sad, lonely people pretending they’re OK and perfectly fine attention-seekers pretending to be sad…..

  • You get sucked into comparing yourself – and you always come up lacking

A social media habit can drain your self-esteem if you allow it. Just remember that people don’t usually post bad hair day photos and many use filters to make themselves look fabulous. The same goes for posts about what’s going on in their lives. The moment you realize that you’re assessing yourself based on what you think you’re seeing on social media, that’s your cue to step away and to put down your phone. The only person you need to ever compare yourself to is YOU! How far you have come! What you have achieved…no one else!

Is Social Media good or bad? Especially for Teens 3

  • You forget what is interesting and important to YOU!

All the trending stuff, esp the drama and then there is all the money spent on parties or vacations can take up a lot of your time and energy. These influences can even begin to shape your activities and where you focus your attention. This is detrimental to what you genuinely DO want to do.

  • You get distracted from what really matters.

Don’t let Social media distract you from your priorities in life. Yes, it’s a fun diversion and a good way to stay in contact with friends and family but don’t let it become so central to your life that you stop actually living it. Some people live on their phones – they know everything and anything about everybody! And that is dangerous because they start living ‘through’ other people they forget about their own life, their friends and their family.

The Impact of Social Media on Teens

Is Social Media Good or bad for teens? Suicide is the cause of 13% of teenage deaths in the United States. Social media is the third largest cause of death, falling short of only accidents and homicide. This is a very scary fact, as suicide is not something we have any control over. These days it is easier than ever to get caught up in not feeling good about yourself.

Is Social Media good or bad? Especially for Teens 4

Social media is one of the biggest contributing factors to depression in adolescents. 

Unfortunately it is easy for teenagers to get mixed up in cyber bullying and indulge in bad behavior when behind a screen. It is much easier to send someone a hateful message while sitting at home in your room than to say it to their face. Looking someone in the eye while hurting them is the part that stops people from doing so, but with technology we have completely eliminated the need for that, making it that much easier for people to be rude to each other.

Is Social Media good or bad? Especially for Teens 5

You can’t miss the irony behind something that is called social media yet research has shown that it makes us feel lonely! On the surface social media keeps us busy, entertained and never lets us feel alone – but we are lonely – to the point of depression. 

Social Media is a form of Validation

Everyone has moments in their life where they feel alone, but teenagers do not have enough experience yet to know that it is going to be okay, and this is where self harm and suicide can come into play. A giant mixture of reasons can lead to someone feeling depressed. An estimated 19 million Americans are struggling with depression. 

Sometimes kids do not even know that they are suffering from depression, as it is not something they choose to feel. And this is where validation comes into play – why doesn’t anyone like my post? Why are they going on holiday? Why not me? What is wrong with me? How does social media affect you? Do you ever get sucked into all the drama? Is Social Media Good or bad? Take the quiz and see if you are being affected negatively by Social Media. If you want more information or the results remember to include your email address so I can send them to you!

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