Our 1st Makeup Masterclass

Our 1st Makeup Masterclass 1

Makeup Masterclass Hits Cape Town – BIG!

Welcome to the blog post about our 1st Makeup Masterclass! It was the ‘perfect’ day sunny and bright…and no rain (thank you Cape Town) and we were excited to meet everyone.

Everyone had their own makeup ‘station’ with a mirror and all the goodies from their goodie bags.

Our 1st Makeup Masterclass 2

Prior to the start of class ladies were ‘swapping’ out amongst themselves looking for the right shade lipstick or choosing the black and gold brushes over the white and silver set. It was great fun to watch….in this case the Early Bird Caught the Worm. I have to say at this point…our goodie bag was JAM PACKED and easily valued over R2000.

For me it was lovely to meet all the ladies and as most of them were moms they could relate to my search to find a solution to Emma’s skin and her inability to wear makeup. And yes it really is true every mom is better than the best FBI agent! I don’t’ want to write too much I think the video will speak for itself. Just know that we will be having another Masterclass and you all are invited.

One of the most famous items in the Goodie bag was my favorite sculpting palette from HEAN – this palette is perfect for someone like me. I need to do my makeup in under 10 minutes and it  has everything I need: bronzer, highlighter and a sweet blush. Our products are cruelty free and hypoallergenic – this in particular is important to me knowing that we cater for all skin types and tones even sensitive skin.

The event photos were taken by Tarryn Ash and I was so grateful to her because she really does have a great eye for people and for photography.

Hope you will join us for the next one in January 2017.

Tons of love.