8 tips for National Hydration Day!

8 tips for National Hydration Day! 1

National Hydration Day – Yes that is a thing. Celebrate keeping your skin hydrated every day.

You know the importance of hydration when that unpleasant chill hits the air, it’s time to get tips on how to keep your skin hydrated in the wintertime. Dryness can be uncomfortable (even itchy), and it’s important to defend yourself against the elements to maintain skin smoothness and suppleness. Keeping your skin hydrated and beautiful in colder weather calls for both internal and external care.

Hydrated skin equals happy skin.

8 Tips To Keep Your Skin Hydrated in Winter

These tips can keep your skin hydration, softer and smoother during Winter. Let’s start the hydration tip with diet.

1) Diet

The old saying “you are what you eat” is true when it comes to your skin. Moisturizing your body with the right nutrients from the inside reaps huge rewards for the way your skin appears on the outside.

Eating a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can improve your health and the condition of your skin within a few weeks. Omega-3s keep skin cells well-lubricated and help your skin stay looking young and fresh. Include the following sources of fatty acids into your diet:

  • Salmon
  • Olive oil
  • Winter squash
  • Ground flaxseeds
  • Walnuts and soybeans
  • Navy beans and kidney beans

8 tips for National Hydration Day! 2

2) Drink Water

Drinking water is the best Drinking enough water to keep hydrated is just as important during the winter. It helps your body function and keeps you healthy, and your skin hydrated.

Try to maintain a habit of six to eight glasses of fluids a day which can include water and unsweetened drinks. This is a good defense against the cold, dry, wintry air and will supplement other skincare advice.

8 tips for National Hydration Day! 3

3) Avoid Hot Water

After a long day I am sure all you want to do is soak in a hot bath or stand in a hot shower to get warm. Doing this warms you up but may also dry you out your skin.

According to the Mayo Clinic, hot water breaks down the lipid barrier that protects your skin’s surface. This makes it easier for your skin to lose its moisture. Take warm or lukewarm baths and showers instead.

8 tips for National Hydration Day! 4

4) Don’t Over-Wash

Joyce Carboni, licensed esthetician and director of Skinsational Spa in North San Diego, reminds us that “To help repair skin, avoid over-washing in the shower, since soap and hot water can strip skin of its natural oils.” Additionally, “make sure to apply a layer of moisturizer right away to lock in moisture.”

5) Use Humidifiers

Humidifiers add moisture to the dry air inside your home. This dry air is a major source of dry skin problems during the winter. Leave it on every winter night and your skin will reap the moisture benefits while you sleep.

8 tips for National Hydration Day! 5

6) Limit Exfoliation

During the summer, it is important to exfoliate dead, dry cells from the surface of your skin. You don’t need to do this as often during the winter. Once a week or once every two weeks exfoliation is sufficient to help keep your skin surface smooth and avoid damaging it.

7) Lock in Moisture

Lock moisture in your skin by applying moisture after showering. To help seal in moisture:

  • Pat your skin dry with a towel and leave it slightly damp.
moisurize after showering
  • Immediately seal in that dampness by gently massaging a moisturizing lotion or body oil all over.
  • If your skin is exceptionally dry, you can apply a coat of a rich body cream after a few minutes.

We recommend using a heavier moisturizer during the winter which provides a better barrier between the skin and the winter wind and the dry indoor heat.

8) Use Facial Moisturizers with HA+

For a more potent winter facial moisturizer combine a serum to your warm weather lightweight lotion. And use a moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid (HA+).

8 tips for National Hydration Day! 6

One of the main ‘fillers’ in the skin’s matrix is known as Hyaluronic acid and plays a major role in the skin’s rejuvenation process. It holds moisture, regulates tissue repair and helps to keep the skin supple. It’s an ingredient most skin care experts recommend you look for in hydrating products. “Hyaluronic acid holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water,” says Dr Kadam, “making it super moisturizing!”

Since the change of season here in CT – and to a certain extent it feels like the drought is over (not entirely true I know) I have used the Skin Boost HA+ (day and night) AND the HA+ serum. Both skincare products are from AA Cosmetics. I really believe these products have helped my skin adapt to Winter.

8 tips for National Hydration Day! 7     8 tips for National Hydration Day! 8

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