Can Luxury Makeup Be Replaced?

Can Luxury Makeup Be Replaced? 1

I have a burning question for you all: can luxury makeup be replaced? Scroll down to the bottom to enter the competition – remember to leave a comment to enter!

Will there always be millions of people who choose luxury products over cheaper more affordable goods? And what drives them? Why do they have to have that luxury item? The cheaper affordable item will save them money and 9/10 times be the same quality if not better….and yet 99% of people if they could would choose Chanel over any other makeup brand. Is it because Chanel is the oldest known brand out there? It is a status symbol, unique and perhaps makes one feel more worthy! Like a brag factor?

What is Luxury Makeup?

In search of the the psychology behind people buying high end makeup or well known luxurious brands I came across the following interesting definition of luxury makeup:

  • the formula is better
  • it lasts longer
  • increased/ better pigmentation
  • better color payoff (means you use less therefore it will last longer)
  • the ingredients are better
  • has been in existence for a long time (for instance Chanel started in 1909)
  • extensive marketing
  • packaging is so pretty
  • PACKAGING is of high quality and luxurious
  • it sets you apart from everyone else
  • it increases your self esteem
  • makes other people envious of you – wanting to be you and like you
  • is an investment

And I could actually go on for several pages because there are more reasons why people prefer luxury makeup over drugstore makeup or unknown new makeup brands like ours – Hean Cosmetics, AA Cosmetics, Pierre Rene Professional and MIYO makeup. And even though I can tell you that our makeup ticks all the boxes above (okay except for being started in 1909 but there is a downside to that as well) people will still choose High end makeup. And I would like to know why?

Expensive is better.

Is it perhaps a celeb thing – we want to be like the famous people. Is it because you want to look or feel like Kylie Jenner? In the hope that this will magically transform you into looking like her?

There isn’t a simple answer as it seems more complex than I thought. I was thinking along the lines of a snob factor/ issue but then people end up spending money they don’t have so that becomes all twisty. I do also realize that expensive makeup isn’t the only thing people seem to attach happiness to. Other items such as watches and handbags and oh yes let’s not forget shoes have enormous self esteem value added to them! Apparently buying ‘fake’ loubatins isn’t considered a real treat….

And then when reading about makeup being an investment I was like okay – these are the products that because you use them on the daily you need to spend more money on them and therefore invest in them!


And then these you can spend less money on because you can buy many and mix them up on a daily basis:


Here in South Africa I am amazed at the amount of money people spend on luxury makeup – it actually baffles me when I see people spending over R900 on ONE foundation! My first reaction is OMG does it have gold or diamonds in it? Will it make me look younger?

Beauty tends to be one of those markets where price really can skew one’s perspective, with luxury price tags tricking you into thinking that just because it’s expensive that it will work – that it is superior and more importantly that buying it makes you better than everyone else. We need to stop this! Our society needs help like an intervention of sorts. Imagine the money you could save if you bought cheaper makeup? And then donated it to people who need assistance….surely kindness makes one a better person as opposed to that fancy ass palette which is super pretty but you will never use because….its just too GORGEOUS!

So you guys this is MY intervention! I am only going to address one product in this blog post – Foundation! We currently have several foundations but our Skin Balance Foundation with 16 shades is our most popular. Here are some things you need to know:

  • it is cruelty free
  • it is vegan friendly
  • it is long lasting
  • it is waterproof
  • contains plant extracts and Vitamin E
  • for all skin types and tones (even sensitive skin)
  • it is from Pierre Rene and they are 20 years old
  • Pierre Rene is found in 45 countries in the world

Here is some feedback from our very own SA ladies!

Can Luxury Makeup Be Replaced? 2Can Luxury Makeup Be Replaced? 3 Can Luxury Makeup Be Replaced? 4

And yes I know – I know you are scared and it is a real thing! But be part of the change – save money everyone says money is tight (food, rent, food etc) so here is your chance. Change your mindset – affordable doesn’t mean average and not valuable or not worthy. And luxury brands don’t mean you will be happier and lead a good life.

I want to end off with this quote which I think sums up everything in life:


“It’s not that when you buy things for yourself they don’t make you happy in the moment. Of course they do. That’s why we buy them. It just doesn’t seem to add up to much happiness over time. Giving to others seems to add up to happiness over time.”

Have a lovely week – and if you need help with Foundation matching please contact us today! Do it now.

Can Luxury Makeup Be Replaced? 5

Left or right? Which side is affordable makeup and which side is high end? Leave your answer in the comments. You can win a lip kit from Pierre Rene if you guess correctly.



25 thoughts on “Can Luxury Makeup Be Replaced?

  1. Selina Davids

    Affordable right, High end left

  2. Ajmina

    Tough to tell but I thing right is high end and left is affordable.

  3. Anusha Naidoo
    Anusha Naidoo says:

    Right is affordable makeup

  4. Nadia

    I think left is affordable, right is high-end ??‍♀️
    There’s no need to splurge on high-end makeup – there are plenty of fabulous affordable options out there even for primer and foundation (yay!)

  5. Muneeba

    I think right is affordable and left is high end?

  6. Muneeba

    Right is affordable left is high end

  7. Sharne

    Left is high end and right affordable

  8. Amaarah

    Affordable right , high end left. I myself use high end and affordable products. I think it’s all about personal preferences. I use pierre rene products myself which I purchased in 2018 at the pro beauty expo and I truly love the products my fav is the terracotta chilli bronze powder and the eyeliners. I love the products it’s affordable and gives a similar finish as that of a high end product. I have a few different products from pierre rene and they’re all amazing!! 🙂

  9. Debbie

    They look exactly the same to me so I’m going to guess that affordable is left and high end is right

  10. Mikaela

    Very hard to tell.
    I think high end is right and affordable is left

  11. Ammara

    This is like a trick question! I think the left is high end and right is affordable.

    I also think that some high end products are with it like eyeshadow but I wouldn’t spend all that money on a foundation unless I was really wealthy.

  12. Coco_doesmakeup
    Coco_doesmakeup says:

    I think the right side is the high end makeup side and the left is the affordable one , but it doesn’t really matter because both of these looks amazing and it also depends on what you want whether it’s expensive or inexpensive

  13. Aisha

    High end: right
    Affordable: left

  14. Moipone

    Right high end. Dont need to break the bank to look good.

  15. Juanita

    High End (left) & Affordable (Right)

  16. Juanita

    Left High End
    Right Affordable ?

  17. Chelsea Schultz
    Chelsea Schultz says:

    Right is high end makeup and left is affordable makeup. I hope this is correct!! Holding thumbs for a lippie! Love them!!

  18. cathrine roux
    cathrine roux says:

    Yoh difficult to say looks the same to me..but yeah my eyes are terrible
    I guess the right is high end

  19. Makayla

    I feel like right is affordable and left is high end ! Her eye make up looks more bold in the right, and bolder doesn’t always mean high end! 🙂

  20. Eden Megan

    Affordable on the left? ? They look the same!

  21. Kayleigh Chapman
    Kayleigh Chapman says:


  22. Kayleigh Chapman
    Kayleigh Chapman says:

    Right is affordable and left high end

  23. Darlene

    I think left is affordable and right is high end.

  24. Darlene

    Left is affordable and right is high end.

  25. Sallyha

    Affordable on the left ??

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