5 Lipstick of Ingredients To Avoid

5 Lipstick of Ingredients To Avoid 1

You know, there is lots of lipstick of ingredients to avoid. Let’s be honest in SA the cosmetics industry is considered unregulated – there hasn’t been any new legislation for beauty and personal care products since 1938. I think this is largely due to the FDA regulation in the US where only 11 ingredients are currently banned compared to 1,328 in Europe. So what can we do? We can be more informed and vigilant about what we use; read labels and ask questions.

Remember Google is Your Best Friend!

What I didn’t know was that harmful ingredients can easily be masked under confusing titles such as ‘fragrance’ and they may even actually be listed (as required) but the harmful side effects won’t be!

5 Lipstick of ingredients to Avoid or Red Flag:

Lead: Elevated lead levels in adults can lead to a host of health problems from miscarriages to seizures. Lead exposure among children can lead to permanent brain damage, so if you’ve got a teen daughter or son looking to add lipstick to their routine – make sure it has NO lead!

Artificial Fragrances: Fragrances aren’t regulated because they fall under trade secret law, meaning companies don’t have to reveal their ingredient list. Essentially this means that the FDA can’t determine what’s in those fragrances, leaving the consumer ‘open’ to using ingredients that are banned in other forms—this I have to admit is my biggest concern.

Parabens: these are estrogen-mimicking ingredients. They’re a low-cost preservative so they appear in 85 percent of cosmetics. While the evidence is still inconclusive, parabens have been found in the tissue of breast tumors, can cause allergic reactions and are considered carcinogenic in high doses.

Petroleum: Not only are these bad for the environment, but they can also cause clogged pores, rashes and acne.

Colorants: Synthetic colors include things such as coal tar and heavy metal salts that leave toxins on your skin – which can cause skin sensitivity and irritation.

Here is a list of more lipstick of ingredients to avoid including the 5 above that are found in makeup and skincare and should BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS!

5 Lipstick of Ingredients To Avoid 2

You must know by now that I don’t write anything without ‘hard core’ research which involves facts – as a Scientist it was always important to validate ones work over and over. In fact the more ways or things you could do to validate your work the better! These 5 ingredients aren’t meant to scare you or make you have anxiety – that is not the point of this blog post – they are meant to make you aware! With the different brands and shades of lipstick available know your ingredients!

5 Lipstick of Ingredients To Avoid 3

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Wishing you all a lovely happy week.