9 Lip Secrets Revealed

9 Lip Secrets Revealed 1

Lips have secrets – yes and you will want to know them all.

I know at some stage we have all looked avidly in the mirror and analysed our lips….too thin, too puffy, too small right, my top lip is funnily shaped? Botox? Right? Can you relate to this at all?

Did you know that our lip shape says something about us? Well to be honest I had no idea so I thought I would ‘educate’ all of us 🙂 and considering all this is based on Science I thought it was a good thing to explore! So here we go and let me know if your lips are true to your character. Remember you can actually change the shape of your lips using a lip liner – we have an automatic lip pencil from Pierre Rene which works really well. It not only outlines the shape of your lips but can also be used as a lipstick.

Also lips are sensitive to certain ingredients – just like your skin. So it is important to use makeup products that won’t irritate your lips.

Big Puffy Lips (natural ones) – you have an inherent need to look after others often at the expense of yourself. Whether it be a stray cat or dog you will also be the one to help.

9 Lip Secrets Revealed 2

Larger Upper Lip – love being the centre of attention and have been called a drama queen more than once.

9 Lip Secrets Revealed 3

Larger lower lip – you are always on the look out for new adventures and hate being in an office.

9 Lip Secrets Revealed 4

Normal lips – you are essentially quite well balanced and always see things in a positive way. You are a good listener and have excellent common sense.

9 Lip Secrets Revealed 5

Thin lips – you are more often than not very independent and have been called a ‘loner’. You love your own company but can also be happy with others.

9 Lip Secrets Revealed 6

Lips with a Sharp Philtrum – you are creative and love art and/or music. You are a social person fun loving and friends with everyone.

9 Lip Secrets Revealed 7

Lips with a rounded Philtrum – you are probably compassionate, sensitive and kind. You have a big love for all things in the world and live outside your bubble.

9 Lip Secrets Revealed 8

No philtrum – you never ever give up no matter what. Quitting is not in your vocab and you don’t believe that anything is impossible.

9 Lip Secrets Revealed 9

Small puffy lips – you are a good friend and will always help at short notice.

9 Lip Secrets Revealed 10

A very thin upper lip – you are a leader! You are determined to succeed no matter what life throws at you.

9 Lip Secrets Revealed 11

Have a happy day further. Be good and don’t be afraid to comment 🙂

A lip kit – yes this is something that I highly recommend – comes with 3 lip products: lip liner, creamy lipstick and a lip gloss. And it has 3 shades so I guarantee we have one that you will like.