4 Holiday Skincare Tips

I have some quick and easy holiday skincare tips for you to follow. These will get you through the holidays without breaking out but also they will save you money (definitely) and they will 100% help your skin survive the holiday season.

The Holiday Season is Here! & Holiday Skincare Tips Are Necessary:


4 Holiday Skincare Tips 1

With all the talk of holidays I have to secretly admit that Xmas is my favorite – the time for giving has to top ALL holidays right? And it is fun – the getting together with family, the food and of course the presents. Xmas teaches us to give and this is a good thing. What better gift is there in life than learning to do something for someone else you ask?

Well that is easy – doing it by gaining nothing! Don’t do things for people to gain something – do it because you want to. And yes Xmas become very commercialized I mean so many things don’t even make sense but sadly they make money and somehow the religious aspect has been lost along the way. But I don’t want to focus on any negativity!

This post is about saving your skin during the holiday season especially because holidays are for relaxing and eating and maybe being a bit negligent with your skin. To save your skin you should invest in using AA Cosmetics – they are hypoallergenic and cruelty free. They are also 100% allergy tested which is so important right? Following are the 4-holiday skincare tips for you.

4 Holiday Skincare Tips 2

Tip number 1 – double cleanse.

I know this sounds like a schlep but it is totally worth it – so remove any makeup OR impurities from your skin (this you can do using the Collagen Micellar Makeup Remover). Once this is done you can then wash your face using the Vegan Face Wash – this cleanser is currently my favorite. It is very gentle. And leaves my skin soft and supple. Both these products are from AA Cosmetics (AA – stands for Anti Allergy) and it is hypoallergenic and cruelty free.

Tip number 2 – 60 second skincare rule

This tip I have only recently been doing so I can’t say for sure that it works. I prefer to do something for a month especially skincare wise before I can give an honest opinion. But I do think you can try it. And let me know how it works or if it works for you. When washing your face – wash it for 60 seconds allow the face wash to thoroughly ‘wash’ your face. In this way your skin gets a good massage pretty much like when you put your creams onto your face – massage massage and more. Letting it all sink in and be absorbed into your skin before applying any makeup 🙂

Tip number 3 – mask at least 2x a week

During this time of the year our skin suffers as it absorbs so many impurities plus so many of us are in the sun – the sun is one of those things we should always protect our skin from. ALWAYS.  Clean skin is vital so my 3rd tip is using the Bubble Mask from AA Cosmetics. Easy to apply and legit works in 3 minutes I live for these masks as the effect is immediate.

4 Holiday Skincare Tips 3

Tip number 4 sunblock

I can’t emphasize how dangerous the sun is for your skin – and you might not see it today or even tomorrow. But let me promise you this in a few years time you will see the damage and then it will be too late. Sun damage is irreversible. And not only that it can cause serious health problems as well such as skin cancer – so please when you or the kids go outside SUNBLOCK!! Many of us don’t use SPF on our lips either and this is something to consider as well because our lips are also sensitive and the sun can cause fever blister flare ups which are really painful.

4 Holiday Skincare Tips 4

And there you have it holiday skincare tips – have the best holiday season – wear caps! Be happy. Stay sweet.