Highlighter Makeup- Best Way to Highlight

Highlighter Makeup- Best Way to Highlight 1

I love highlighting. It’s probably my favourite step in my makeup routine. The latest highlighting trend is to have that blinding glow that can be seen from a dis.tance. But, I totally get that it’s not for everyone. Some people want subtlety. So today’s blog post is going to explain how to get either that obnoxious highlighter makeup or more natural glow.

Highlighter Makeup- Best Way to Highlight 2

Highlighting brings attention to your favourite facial features by using light. Popular points of highlighter makeup are the brow bone, center of the forehead, cheek bones, bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow and the tip of your chin– the high points of your face where light hits naturally.

The different ways of  highlighter makeup

You can either only highlight your face, which is a technique called strobing, or you can add some bronzer and contour to add depth and sharpness. So let me break down highlighter makeup techniques a little more for you.


Highlighter Makeup- Best Way to Highlight 3

Strobing is a technique of drawing light to areas of your face that you wish to emphasis (Heeeeey!). Highlighters should have some sort of shine or shimmer to it because that’s what draws the light and hey, who doesn’t want to be shiny?? BUT, highlighting is supposed to look as natural as possible so use as light as a touch as possible. Fan brushes or brushes with very light bristles are perfect for highlighting exactly where you want to highlight. You can even use your fingers.

Highlighter Makeup- Best Way to Highlight 4

You can highlight as much, or as little, as you want to, but you must blend your highlight into your foundation or base product. It is so important! Blended makeup creates a flawless, natural look and ensures that all your makeup looks seamless. You can use any of these brushes:

Highlighter Makeup- Best Way to Highlight 5 Highlighter Makeup- Best Way to Highlight 6

OR you can use your fingers to apply your highlighter JUST where you want it. To make your highlight even dewier/glowier/MORE you can use a Fixer spray like the HD Fixer Spray. Spray a little of the Fixer Spray onto your finger/brush AFTER you have picked up your highlighter and BOOM instant magic!

So, what highlighter do I recommend for wonderfully glowy skin? Well that’s easy! My Holy Grail Highlight has to be the Strobing Palette by Hean. This highlighter has 3 separate highlighters in ONE. Right?? Amazing.

The 3 shades are: pure gold, white gold/silver and a bronzy gold. My fav shade has to be the silver shade because for pale girls like me is actually light enough to show up on my skin. But, I also love to layer the shades for extra pop and shine.

Strobing Palette

These highlighters are actually offensive. Never in my life have I ever tried a highlighter that is as blinding as these are. I love to pack the highlighters on because no matter how much I layer on, it doesn’t get chunky or gross and still blends out so beautifully. And when the light hits? Crazy.

I also love the Lumi Dust, which is a loose gold power highlighter with little flecks of gold glitter. This is a ridiculous highlighter. So shiny and glittery. Now, sometimes, when I’m feeling fancy, I layer this over the strobing palette and let the compliments flow. I kid but for real, the combination is unreal.

Highlighter Makeup- Best Way to Highlight 7

I love wet-looking highlighters and the strobing palette delivers everything and more. I use the Lumi Dust for special occasions but is especially great for summer and no-makeup-makeup days.

A new product that I am obsessed with is the Mirror Highlighter! It’s this beautiful, creamy, liquid champagne gold shade and I LIVE! You can apply this product on bare skin on the high points and it looks so dewy and fresh; or you can wear it under or over foundation. My fav way to use this highlighter is as a base. So I apply it over my foundation, set my face with powder and then use a powder highlighter, such as the strobing kit, over it and it. looks. insane. All these products are cruelty free and imported from Poland they are from Hean.

Highlighter Makeup- Best Way to Highlight 8

This here is my highlighting inspo:

Highlighter Makeup- Best Way to Highlight 9

Highlighter Makeup- Best Way to Highlight 10

Highlight can make you look fresh, like you got those 8 hours of sleep, never eaten junk food in your life and that you drink 2 liters of water a day… what’s not to love??

Go Get Your Glow ON!

Hi there (Gael here)

I needed to add this extra photo of Emma because I thought you should see her in all her highlighted gloriness. Simple but really pretty right?

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