Glitter is More is More!

Glitter is More is More! 1

Glitters… and shimmers… and sparkles… and shines… and glows…. Is something that speaks to my soul and my heart.

If you know me, you know that I love everything shiny. If I was an animal, I’d be a magpie- that’s how attracted to shiny I am. Anything that sparkles can distract me and I want it. Everything covered in glitter, sequins, holographic shine, metallic rose gold… you get it right? So, whenever I’m looking at new makeup products, I look for something sparkly that is new and different. Today’s blog post is going to be about my new discoveries that are going to bring all the glitter and sparkle into your life.

Glitter is More is More! 2

Miyo’s Sparkle ME! Dusts

These pigments—heart eyes. Just so much love for them. Let me tell you why. These pigments come in a couple of different finishes: smooth metallic, glitter and satin shimmer. They can be used on the eyes, face and lips. They do it all! I love to use these as an eyeshadow topper. I go in with my finger and apply it directly to my eyelid and the pigment on these—wow!!

Glitter is More is More! 3  Glitter is More is More! 4

There are 3 shades that appear just like white fairy dust – with tiny sparkles – they look like standard white glitter right? WRONG! These pigments shift into different colors depending on the light! I am too excited even to write more it is something you need to actually see. It will transform any eyeshadow/lip color that it is placed on top of and when you mix it with our liquid primer, it becomes a light blue/greenish/gold solid pigment. It is insanely beautiful and like nothing I have ever seen before; such a unique shade; unreal pigment shifts and I would call this shade a duochrome because the color of the pigment appears to shift with the light.

This is our full shade range and I cannot express enough how much I love these pigments and how easy they are to use.

Glitter is More is More! 5

You can use them dry (as is) or wet (mixed with our liquid primer). How to mix it, you ask? Emma, come on, tell us! This is what I do. I drop some liquid primer onto my hand and then scoop a little, very little, amount of the loose dust onto the drop on my hand. I then mix it together and I have a quick vid tutorial for you (which you can find on the Glamore Instagram page – link is HERE).

Glitter is More is More! 6

You can mix every Sparkle ME! Dust like this. You can then use your finger or a flat eyeshadow brush to apply the wet pigment onto your lid. Go wild. More is more. Always.

In this photo I show you how by adding the liquid primer to the sprinkle Me it becomes a duochrome and changes colors in the light. Guys!! Everyone needs some of this in our lives – it makes me beyond happy.

Glitter is More is More! 7

And here is a photo of how adding the liquid primer the sprinkle me changes into a gorgeous metallic pigment which is wet and easy to apply.

Glitter is More is More! 8

Liquid Primer can be found HERE! 

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All the sparkles