Eye makeup transform my look- guess how?

Eye makeup transform my look- guess how? 1

I was never a huge eye makeup nor eye shadow fan!

Let me tell you something about eye makeup and eye shadow. I was never a fan of doing it on me, or other people really. I found it finicky and time-consuming and difficult and such a mission. But, when these pigments from Pierre Rene Cosmetics arrived, I had to try them on my eyelids. Sure, arm swatches are great and all but they don’t tell you anything about application or the shine that the pigment gives to the lid or how it can transform an eye look. And it actually transformed me 🙂

Here are the arm swatches I have to say I did swoon a little (okay A LOT) and it was really difficult to decide which ones to actually bring into SA.

Eye makeup transform my look- guess how? 2              Eye makeup transform my look- guess how? 3

Eye makeup transform my look- guess how? 4              Eye makeup transform my look- guess how? 5

More is More and will always be always More!

I found that my more is more philosophy regarding adding highlight on top on highlight translates into my approach with eyeshadow.
I also found that you tube eye makeup and eye shadow tutorials are complicated and confusing and take far too long (who has time for that let’s be honest).
Many tutorials involve youtubers that have different eye shapes to me; use brushes that I don’t have or lid space that I don’t have. So, I found that the best way to apply eyeshadow is trial and error. To start with less and then add more (you getting me yet).
I always start with a transition shade– a light brown, or cream, or yellow, or pink shade. Something neutral and natural that I will be able to build brighter shades on top.
I then deepen my outer crease with a darker shade that will compliment the pigment that I will use on my lid. I blend the deeper shade into my transition shade in order to create a smooth blend– like a sunset, if you will.
Eye makeup transform my look- guess how? 6            Eye makeup transform my look- guess how? 7
I numbered them so you can see I start with number 1 which is the lightest shade/ called the transition shade and then I go to number 2 and so on. You can buy Holy Grail HERE! 
These are the swatches, this for me is a palette for every skin tone and it suits everyone. Plus you can add more – and do an amazing night time look as well.

Here comes the fun part– GLITTER!

Eye makeup transform my look- guess how? 8            Eye makeup transform my look- guess how? 9

I love using these Pierre Rene pigments. They come in a variety of finishes- metallic, glitter and duochrome. You can mix them with our Liquid Primer in order to create a liquid eyeshadow or with a glitter primer to intensify the pigment and its shine. Or you can use it dry and pat it onto your eyelid with a brush or a finger (I much prefer using my finger!). Using the pigment dry is perfect for a daytime look or for those who prefer a subtle sparkle.
For my look I used pigment number 8 (Beetroot) and I used the tip of my finger and patted some on the lid of my eye. Boom!!! You can get it HERE!
The pigment container is quite big- it’ll take you ages to use it all and it comes with a sifter so you can shake product out onto your hand and prevents it from spilling everywhere!
Eye makeup transform my look- guess how? 10

Here is my look I created

Okay I love it – what you think?

Eye makeup transform my look- guess how? 11

So my advice to you is you have to just try! The MIYO palettes aren’t expensive so they won’t break the bank and neither are the pigments – eyeshadow for me was always the hardest part of eye makeup. But now….now I am going all in and you can too. Join me let’s do this makeup journey together.