Emma’s New Years Makeup Look

Emma's New Years Makeup Look 1

New Years Makeup Look – and Lots More!

Emma's New Years Makeup Look 2

I don’t know about you guys but, I am not a fan of New Year’s Eve. For one, I don’t like clubbing or drinking; I hate being in loud crowds; I can’t dance despite having good rhythm and I like to go to bed before the day becomes the next one. Yes, I am 24. Yes, I am an old lady at heart.

But this year feels a bit different to me for a couple reasons. The first one is that I have someone to do new year’s stuff with – not go out and have a mad party because that will never be my style but I have someone who will drag me, kicking and screaming, out of my comfort-zone – my house. The second reason is that, in the beginning of 2019, I set out to do new things, meet new people and have new experiences. Going out and celebrating the end of the year will be one of those things. I feel like I cannot hit 25 without ringing in the new year once. The third one, and probably the most important one, is that I need somewhere where people will see me to wear this makeup look to:

Emma's New Years Makeup Look 3

The nude but eyeshadow shimmer:

For this look, I knew that I wanted to go with a bold red lip, so I had to scale down the eyes and keep away from my usually bold purple and loads of sparkly, bright glitter. Instead, I went with a super simply eye look. Using the Feminine Flame 5 point palette from Miyo, I used the soft brown and dark brown to create my base eyeshadow. I used the darker brown on the outer edge of my eye and then blended it into the lighter brown. Once I was happy with it, I added some shimma (because I couldn’t not). Just a little bit of a subtle shine and I used my Pierre Rene Highlighter for this glimmer. I find that this is a great way to create cohesion in the look because I am going to use the same highlighter for the glow on my face. Compared to my usual eye looks, this did not take me long and I had to restrain every single urge to add color and loose pigment, but I did, and I was very happy with it!

Feminine Flame is my ‘ride or die’ eyeshadow palette it was also used by Sugar and Spice you can see her blog post in the link.

Emma's New Years Makeup Look 4

Photo from Instagram Ajimina

Eyebrows On Fleek:

My next step was eyebrows and let me tell you something: I do not like my eyebrows. They grow funny and they’re sparse and I wish they were more Instagrammable but alas, they are what they are. To fill in and shape my eyebrows, I used the Miyo Eyebrow Pomade and this stuff is !!!!! EVERYTHING !!! Firstly, I have always been an eyebrow pencil kinda girl but this pomade has changed the whole game because it is so easy to use and doesn’t bunch or ball up on me. It also doesn’t dry down crunchy or weird and is just really the best. After that, I set my eyebrows with the Hean brow gel because this keeps the brow hairs in place and is a different color to the pomade, which creates definition and looks more life-like and less painted on.

More is More when it comes to Mascara:

Mascara of choice was actually mascaras of choice because more is more and I am extra like that. I used the Miyo Iconic Lash mascara and Curly lash mascara because these two compliment each other like nothing else. The Iconic Lash separates and lengths while the Curly lash provides volume and makes my eyes look bigger – like I have actually gotten some proper sleep. Winning!

My Holy Grail Face Makeup:

Onto the face. I used my standard tried and true all-time faves. You will have to pry these products from my hands or bury me with me. That is how deep my love for them goes! The primer was the Hean Oil-Free Primer and I love it because it fills in my pores and makes my skin smoother and makes my makeup last longer. My favourite foundation of all time, out of all the ones that I have tried and loved before, the one that takes the cake and all the heart-eyes is the Pierre Rene Foundation. I currently use the shade 18. This foundation does everything that I want it to: it lasts all day, is not too dry or too matte, it looks like my skin, just a bit better and honestly, melts into the skin instead of sitting on my skin. I have worn this foundation for more than 12 hours. It doesn’t eat the powder products on my face and seems to look better with time. I can’t explain. I just know that I love it and encourage all of you to try it. We do foundation matching and send samples so hit us up!

Face definition step 1 the BRONZER:

Now, let me chat about my bronzer and blush duo. I used the Pierre Rene Terracotta Bronzer in shade 02 and Pierre Rene blush in 03. The packaging of this bronzer is absolutely stunning. It’s a beautiful animal print and the animal print is embossed on the product itself too. It feels super lux. Packaging aside, the bronzer blends out beautifully. The undertone suits me perfectly – not too warm or too cool but just right (like Goldilocks and the Three Bears). One cautionary tale: do not overdo it on this bronzer. It’s really pigmented so go in lightly with a big, fluffy brush. You can always add more if you want to, but you’ll be blending for a while if you go in too heavily. Not that it’s a crisis because this product blends in a-one, two, three.

Emma's New Years Makeup Look 5

Photo from Instagram – Ajimina

Face definition step 2 the BLUSH:

My blush shade of choice is a dusty peach shade. I have naturally pink cheeks, but I think that peach blushes suit me best. Now, like the bronzer, the blush is very pigment. I apply blush above and into my bronzer. I don’t like to apply bronzer solely onto the apples of my cheeks because when I am not smiling, it looks like I have clown-cheeks. So, I apply my blush in an XO motion above my bronzer in swirling motions. Make sure that you’ve blended them together so that the powders don’t look too harsh – natural, almost.

Emma's New Years Makeup Look 6

Blush swatches from Sugar and Spice blog.

Hello NASA I am ready for you:

Then, comes my favourite part – highlighter! Everyone who knows me knows that I love to glow; that I want my highlighter to be seen from space. I made a joke once about wanting NASA to see my highlighter and now, my mom tells everyone that I’m from NASA… I drenched my face in my favourite Pierre Rene highlighter. I looked like a glazed doughnut but the best part? The highlighter didn’t look chunky or glittery or cakey. It melted into my skin and blended out like a dream. I was shining, shining, shining!

Emma's New Years Makeup Look 7

Swatches from Sugar and Spice 

I choose Red Lips:

For lipstick, I used the Pierre Rene Lip Fluid in shade 07 with the matching lipliner. I chose this lip combo because I know it will last through drinking and eating. I’ll only need to touch up a little bit throughout the time that I wear it and I love the color! Swatch from Sugar and Spice blog post.

Emma's New Years Makeup Look 8

Welp, that’s it. Thanks for joining me while I chat about makeup and what I like to wear on my face! I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year’s Eve. Thank you for your love and support in 2019 – here’s to 2020!

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