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Do You Know about Best Makeup Game Changer Foundation

Well let me put it this way: if applied ‘correctly’ best makeup game changer foundation covers your flaws & evens your skin’s complexion making your skin look amazing!! However, if applied ‘incorrectly’ things can get cakey/ greasy/ streaky, perhaps leaving your face a different color to the rest of you….not the ideal situation right? Which is why it is a game changer – not only do you need to find the right foundation for YOU but you need to apply it properly.

Most of the best makeup game changer foundations fall somewhere between sheer, medium, and full coverage. If you love your freckles, choose a formula that says “sheer” or “hydrating” or “lightweight.” If you want to even out your skin tone a little, look for a medium-coverage formula, which might say “semi-matte” or “satin” finish. And if you have blemishes, redness, or hyper-pigmentation that you’d prefer to cover (or, if you just love a full-face beat), go with the formula that has more coverage, which will usually say “full-coverage” or “matte.” Remember that some foundations like the Skin Balance is actually buildable so you can layer it to get better/ more coverage.

Natural light from the sun is the most accurate and unforgiving, so if it looks good outside, you’ve most likely found your match. Which is why you need testers/ samples which we do offer and all you need to do is pay for delivery – contact us for more information.

At this point in our store we have the very popular Skin Balance Foundation from Pierre Rene.  I thought I would just tell you a little bit about this foundation. Here is also a review from Sugar Spice Blog.

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And some more reviews:

Best Makeup Game Changer Foundation 3

Waterproof foundation.

  • It covers all skin imperfections.
  • It adapts to the skin structure perfectly and restores its shine and elasticity.
  • The unique formula of the beauty product is well-absorbed and it stays on for many hours.
  • It guarantees radiant and youthful looks.
  • The luxurious formula contains plant extracts and vitamin E.
  • Applied best with a damp makeup sponge – for more details you must read my previous post!

How you apply your foundation is up to you, but if you want the absolute best, Photoshop-level finish, most makeup artists would agree that makeup sponges are the way to go. Why? Because brush bristles tend to leave little streaks and lines on your face, and your fingers/hands are unable to buff, blend, or distribute foundation in a way that looks natural.

Here are the 10 Foundation Commandments recommended by myself and makeup artists:

  1. always make sure your skin is hydrated as this will prevent the foundation from becoming cakey and sitting in the cracks of your skin – so at this point you need to have clean skin which is moisturized (you can let the moisturizer absorb properly into your skin before applying the primer)
  2. know your skin type (oily/ combination/ dry/ normal) most of us have a slightly oily T-panel
  3. Find the right shade of foundation – contact us for assistance if you are unsure – always match to the side of your jaw line and not your arm
  4. use the correct primer under your foundation – will help with foundation application, prevents break outs and keeps makeup from sliding off your face.
  5. Foundations, as a rule, aren’t designed to cover zits, so don’t worry if they’re still visible after you’re done blending. Just dab concealer over the areas that need a bit more coverage, wait a few minutes to let it set, then blend the concealer in with your sponge.
  6. when applying foundation tap it into your skin to prevent getting streaks and blend well until you can’t see it
  7. You don’t need to set your whole face with powder to make your foundation last. With a big fluffy brush and a setting powder (make sure to tap off the excess, first), gently swirl the powder over just the areas that tend to get extra shiny and oily, like your T-zone.
  8. remember the foundation is a blank canvas on your face so you can then add other products
  9. now you need to highlight
  10. and finally a bit of blush will go a long way

That’s it for this post of best makeup game changer foundation. Hope you love my post.

Remember if at any stage you are unsure about anything please don’t hesitate to contact us. I promise we will try and assist you match the color to your skin. You can email me [email protected] or on whatsapp 0823054152 – I always reply because you matter.

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