Before And After – from the Workshop!

Before And After - from the Workshop! 1

It has been 3 months now since we have started these workshops and I am so grateful to those who have come and joined us! As an online business owner being able to meet people is absolutely everything – I think I have said this about 100x but essentially it is the complete and utter TRUTH (my truth).

Who has attended?

We have had a mixed group of ladies attending, most of them know how to apply makeup. Then there have been the ones who walk in saying ‘I have never applied makeup before’ or ‘I am a Tom-boy I need to do this makeup stuff’. For me these are the ones that have been the most interesting as the change has been amazing! These are the ladies who end up going the whole 10 yards trying the lashes and wow just wow!

Let’s look at Before

This past Saturday we had a ‘Tom boy’ who told me to call her ‘M’ join us – she sat at the back and was super quiet (frowned as well). She mentioned that her friends had encouraged her to do this class as girls needed basic makeup skills!

Before And After - from the Workshop! 2

At the start of the class they all tried out the NEW Bubble masks from AA Cosmetics which was so much fun! And then Teri (more on another post about our makeup artist) proceeded with the rest of the class.

Skincare (Teri is really obsessed with clean hydrated skin) which included Face wash, toner, makeup remover, serum and moisturizer.

Primer (you need to know that not all primers are the same – some are for oily skin, some for dry skin and then you get the specialty primers from AA Cosmetics. We have an anti-redness primer which is absolutely amazing and now that I have seen it work I highly recommend it if you have redness.

Before And After - from the Workshop! 3

Foundation – this is so important – the shade has to be right – no one needs to even know that you are wearing any 🙂 and I think in most cases we got it spot on! In some cases we used the darkening and/or brightening wrong shade of foundation.

Before And After - from the Workshop! 4

Once all the basic Face stuff was completed we then moved on to creating a natural eye look using the HEAN Liquid Foils (which come in 3 shades – we chose the gold one as the 1st shade and then you can add either the Rose or the Copper on top to give some drama).

Before And After - from the Workshop! 5

I have to say that the ladies really enjoy this part of the workshop – some chose to use these foils and others chose to just stick to eyeshadow palettes. We then moved onto LASHES – here is a photo of Lauren (otherwise known as @glossgurublog on Instagram) wearing our lashes:

Before And After - from the Workshop! 6

And lastly my M – wow she even dropped the F bomb on me. First there was silence and then everyone just started laughing – it was like being at home with ‘friends and family’.

Let’s look at After:

Before And After - from the Workshop! 7

Before And After - from the Workshop! 8

What can I say? Really it was a huge transformation – and I loved it! I encourage you to join us – to try everything and most importantly to have FUN!

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And if you want to book for the next one on the 30th of March – click HERE! Going into 2020 watch this space for details of all our different workshops.

From a wet CT love to all of you 🙂