6 Balanced Life Quotes for Woman

Balanced life Quotes – What’s it really like working Full time and being a Mother?

Woah what a loaded question – and is there really one honest answer? Today I want to chat about being a working woman and balancing motherhood. In fact I would like to talk to the woman who found the balance – does she even exist? I know I never found it! I am the one with all those balls up in the air praying hard that I don’t drop them all.

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And let’s be honest – times have changed! We all know the History lesson right? Before the 1960’s Moms were encouraged to stay at home. And not work from home – no we were told to stay at home – have the babies and look after them. This was our life! I hate this expression but it is so appropriate from back then ‘women are meant to be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen‘. UGH. Makes me cringe and I am very grateful that it is no longer like that. Now we have a choice. We can choose to stay at home and look after our kids or we can go to work or we can do both.

And this is where the balance comes in because along with these choices comes the GUILT! Oh gosh, that ugly thing that eats us from the inside turning us into unknown aliens. So here are some Mom responses on how they deal with motherhood and why they choose to work. Let’s start the balanced life quotes:

I give myself permission to have a sink full of dirty dishes, have the child at daycare that always has super crazy hair, and be OK with a walk down the street as my exercise that day. The best advice I can come up with is: be flexible, lower your expectations, laugh at yourself, be present, and try to enjoy the little moments.

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The most important thing we can do is not judge each other and give each other – and ourselves – grace.

Why I work? It’s a financial necessity for our family to live the lifestyle and in the area that we’ve chosen. However, I have a genuine passion for solving the types of problems I do in my work… Even if there were no financial necessity, I would carve out work as part of my life. Although it’s a huge juggle and creates its own unique stress, I hope to teach my children important lessons about work: How (to do work) they find meaningful, (how to) maintain (their) independence, and (how to) contribute to society – by demonstrating life as a parent includes work.

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When I am with my daughter, I put my cell phone in the other room and step away from the computer. When I’m at work, I close all of my internet browsers and put my cell phone in my desk drawer until I need it for something work-related. Sometimes it’s difficult, but I am so much better at being a wife/mom/worker when I am fully present in the moment, instead of trying to multitask more than necessary.

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Women need to stop glorifying being a martyr for their family. We need to take care of ourselves in order to do the very best for our children. That is what I found is the most effective way to juggle being a mother, business owner, employee, and still have a happy life.

And in that vein, we need to pamper ourselves with the best skincare and makeup products such as hydrating masks from AA Cosmetics.

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I choose to work because I have two daughters. I want my girls to know that they have the same career opportunities and freedoms that men do.

My advice to full-time working moms is to know your limits. Know how much time you need alone – outside of work and kids – because when you are burnt out, both of your jobs will suffer.

6 Balanced Life Quotes for Woman 6

Women can have it all. Or at least that’s what we’re told until we become mothers and are forced to navigate the murky waters of a work-life balance.  This is the end of balanced life quotes. I would love to hear your thoughts on how you juggle work-life-parenting. So leave me a comment. In my next post, I will share with you how I juggle my full-time job – parenting – social life. And trust me there is no such thing as a balance for me which kind of sucks me being a Libra and all that jazz.

My lovelies thanks for reading my blog posts regarding balanced life quotes for woman and to those of you who leave a comment I am GRATEFUL.


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