10 Minute Easy Makeup Tutorial for Busy Moms!

10 Minute Easy Makeup Tutorial for Busy Moms! 1

Makeup tutorial for busy Moms- 10 minutes count me in!

When aren’t Moms busy? I know I am constantly busy and no time to look makeup tutorial for busy moms plus have very little time for pampering especially trying to run my own business – makeup in the mornings is honestly sometimes impossible!

This is how my first hour goes every day! My alarm clock aka my gorgeous son Ryan wakes me up at 6.30. I get dressed, wash my face and scream off to make his sandwiches. Thanks to darling Emma I can’t make peanut butter or even plain cheese – my sandwiches have to be ‘fancy’ (they are actually legendary – true story – she used to sell them at school for R15 each!!!! and to this day her friends are always asking her for them). So I make sandwiches with chicken mayo and cheese or lettuce cheese and tomato – healthy and according to my kids ‘gourmet’. Oh well the small things in life I need to take credit for right?

After sandwich making Ryan and I continue to make sure he has everything for school – often a cricket kit and/or tennis bags. We do the teeth and the hair and then we battle the traffic to school – he has a milkshake in the car and I drink cold coffee (I do make sure he puts on sunblock and I moisturize). I often have Bear with us – so we can walk along the beach and wait for the traffic to die down which can take an hour or so!

By the time I get to work my day starts, packing orders and chatting to my clients – planning my blog posts and I don’t have a spare minute for makeup. But I think I do have 10 minutes to spare especially if I can create a natural look that takes away the bags under my eyes. Because I went on a search – okay and I have to admit there were some really good ideas.

10 Minute Easy Makeup Tutorial for Busy Moms! 2

Products used:

And these were some tricks & tips from busy mom I met on the Internet:

1) do everything you can the night before – pack lunches even

2) prepare your work clothes a week in advance

3) set the alarm for 15 minutes earlier

4) use a brush for blending foundation the sponge takes too long

5) if you can use one product for everything you will save so much time – and guess what the EGYPTIAN BRONZER is a total life saver (eyeshadow and bronzing all in one)

It’s time to wrap this post of  10 Minute Easy Makeup Tutorial for Busy Moms!.

Chat next week and if you have any time saving tips leave a comment 🙂