Tips for Mask Makeup – make those eyes POP in the best way!


Now that half of our faces are CONSTANTLY covered with a mask, things like lipstick and blush have been pushed to the side.  What’s the point if no one is going to see them?  I’m here to help you create easy but beautiful eye makeup, to really make those eyes pop when doing what I now term ‘mask makeup’.

Before going into any more details this is the look I created using Glamore products hope you like it.

mask Tips for Mask Makeup - make those eyes POP in the best way! 1

I’m going to take you through everything – skincare and treatments, followed by makeup, all dedicated to your eyes.  They are the window to your soul after all, so taking good care of them is important.


When you’re removing makeup, do so GENTLY, as any tugging around the area can cause wrinkles.  Hold a cotton round soaked with a good micellar water over the area for a while, and then gently wipe away makeup.  It’s always a good idea to do this before applying makeup too, to remove any oils that may be on your skin.

AA Cosmetics Hial Collagen Micellar Eye & Face Makeup Remover

AA Cosmetics Hial Collagen Micellar Eye & Face Makeup Remover

A good eye cream is necessary to ensure your under eye area is prepped and hydrated for any concealer you may apply.  The new Delia Gold & Collagen eye cream will smooth and brighten the area, providing hydration and leaving the skin fresh and radiant.

Delia Gold & Collagen Eye Cream

Another idea is using a lash serum.  That way, you can help your natural lashes to grow healthy and long.  I actually trialled the Let’s Lash serum for around a month (before I had my lash extensions applied again), and I can honestly say that my lashes grew impressively quickly!  In 2 weeks I could see a visible difference, and I began applying a little to the arches of my brows, where my hair is sparser, and it actually filled in there too.

The serum is very gentle, doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes AND it impressed me, the girl who was always doubtful that these products work.  Enough said.

Let’s Lash Serum

Let's Lash Serum


If you’re planning a glamorous eye makeup look, you need to ensure that the eye makeup stays put.  That’s where an eye primer comes in.  Eyeshadow primers give a smoother application of eyeshadow, make the colours really pop and makes your makeup last longer.

Hean Stay On Eyeshadow Base

Making sure the skin under your eyes is prepped is also essential.  A concealer that offers good coverage will help to  hide dark circles or marks under the eyes, and make your eyes look more wide awake.

Pierre Rene Concealer


Shaping your brows really defines the look of your eyes.  Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows.  The Pierre Rene Brow Liner is so quick to use, and has a spoolie on one end to help brush the product through your brows with ease.

Pierre Rene Brow Liner

Glamore has a huge variety of eyeshadows, in different formulas and colours.  There is something for everyone!  One of my personal favourites is the Pierre Rene Pinch Me palette, as there are colours in there for you to create a subdued daytime look, a dark smokey look or even something bright and colourful.

Pierre Rene Pinch Me Palette

Here’s a gorgeous cosmic look I created with the palette.

The Miyo 5 Points Palettes are also amazing.  My personal favourite is Feminine Flame, with beautiful shades of copper and deep plum. This leads me to explaining a great way to REALLY make those eyes pop.

  • Blue eyes benefit from oranges, golds and bronzes.
  • Green eyes (like mine) pop the most with purples, plums and rose gold
  • Brown eyes look amazing with blues, greens and nude shades
  • Hazel eyes work well with purples, greens and warm browns

This is why I think I automatically go for the Feminine Flame palette each time, as it’s so suited to my eye colour.  The shades are pigmented, blend like a dream and last long on the lids.  You can see it here: –


Miyo 5 Points Palette in Feminine Flame

Eyeliner is another fabulous step to getting your eyes to really speak over that mask.  There are options too!  You can go for an eye pencil that is the best for getting a really smoked out look, or a liquid liner for that wing your heart longs for.

Hean Smokey Eye Kajal Pencil

Pierre Rene Pen Eyeliner


The final step is mascara – the icing on top of the gorgeous cake.  You’ll be able to bat your eyelashes at anyone proudly – the best part of your mask makeup.  Glamore has a load of amazing mascaras, but my favourites are the Pierre Rene Super Curly Mascara and the Miyo Envy My Eyes mascara.  Both give you fluffy, voluminous lashes.

Miyo Envy My Eyes Mascara

Pierre Rene Super Curly Mascara


Here are some more ideas for fun makeup looks to try out over your face mask.  Who knows – soon you could be accessorizing your mask with a complimentary makeup look!






Enjoy playing with your makeup!

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