Hydrating Serums & their benefits


Have you ever wondered why hydrating serums are such a popular item?  Why they seem to be a staple in everyone’s skincare routine?  Well – today we’ll discuss why hydrating serums (particularly those with Hyaluronic Acid as the star ingredient) are so incredible, and why they WORK.


What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally in our bodies, and not only holds onto water in the skin cells, it can actually hold up to 1000 times it’s molecular weight in water.  Through this, Hyaluronic Acid is able to intensely hydrate, plump up your skin and soften fine lines, making it a WONDERFUL anti-aging ingredient.

What does it do for my skin?

Not only is it fabulous at hydrating the skin, Hyaluronic Acid also helps protect the lipid barrier of the skin.  It helps hold the moisture IN, and fortify the barrier.  In fact, when the use of Hyaluronic Acid has built up moisture and strengthened your lipid barrier, your skin can fight off pollutants and environmental aggressors all the more efficiently.

I find with increased Hyaluronic Acid in my skincare routine, my skin is less irritable, less red, less tight, and more bouncy, more plump and more youthful.  I also suffer with fine lines caused by dehydration, which lessen the more I use products containing Hyaluronic Acid.

Most Hyaluronic Acid based hydrating serums are very lightweight, so are fabulous for all skin types – yep even the oily/combination skinned folks can benefit!  They’ll sink into the skin in a short time, not leaving greasy residues.


The biggest problem is that you can find so many products that are marketed as ‘hydrating’ and are ‘packed with Hyaluronic Acid’.  In my opinion, the biggest task is finding the products with not only the highest concentration of good quality HA, but with ingredients that can work with it to hydrate skin.

Glamore Cosmetics carries 2 wonderful Hyaluronic Acid based hydrating serums: –


AA Cosmetics Skin Boost with 15% Hyaluronic Acid

This serum has a milky consistency, and even though it’s only 15% HA (still a very decent percentage), it contains some other great ingredients like algae extract (amazing antioxidant), squalane (balances oil production BUT is very hydrating and has anti-inflammatory benefits) and ceramides (replenishes and restores).

This serum is not only very hydrating, but it could quite easily be used on it’s own without the use of a moisturiser in summer, by those with oilier/combination skin types.  It absorbs fast, yet your skin continues to feel hydrated and soft.  An amazing product that can be applied as is or mixed into your face cream.

Basically, you can feel your skin soak it all in, and breathe a big sigh of relief!  Can be used day and/or night.



Pierre Rene 100% Hyaluronic Elixir 

This serum packs one of the most concentrated forms of HA I’ve seen.  It’s a slightly smaller bottle (most serums are 30ml, but this is 15ml), HOWEVER, this is due to the fact you only need the tinest amount.

Clear, fragrance-free and easy to spread, I only use about 2 drops for my face and still have a little left over to spread down my neck.  A little really goes so far, and it’s even amazing to use just on areas where you’re feeling especially dehydrated.  Being so concentrated, I’ve also noticed it plumps up fine dehydration lines overnight too!

Honestly, if you’re looking for pure and simple hydration, this is your best bet! Can be used day and/or night.

Glamore also stocks a number of other incredible products for hydrating skin – just check out the skincare page HERE.


Both these products are cruelty free and hypoallergenic – which basically means their ingredients are awesome and they can be used on all skin types and tones (even sensitive skin). Both companies are based in the EU where over 1000s of ingredients are banned in skincare and makeup. AA Cosmetics is 100% allergy tested on humans only, priding themselves on being ethically conscious and always using the most updated skincare technology. Pierre Rene Professional have recently brought out a range of eye pads especially for dehydrated skin can’t wait to try them.

Some suggestions are: –

AA Cosmetics Micellar Makeup Remover (contains HA and collagen)

AA Cosmetics Skin Boost Day/Night Cream (great to use in conjunction with the serum)

AA Cosmetics Pink Algae Bubble Mask (a fun, hydration boost)


Happy shopping!

Siobhan xxx