10 Piece Lux Silver Brush Set

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10 Piece Lux Silver Brush Set

This 10 piece brush set is cruelty free and vegan friendly – it comes with 5 makeup brushes for your face and 5 makeup brushes for your eyes.

5 Face brushes (from left to right)

Blush/ bronzer powder brush
Brush for contouring
Concealer brush
Crease brush
5 brushes for eyes (left to right)
Blending eyeshadow brush
Brush to use on the edges of the eyes
Shimmer brush
Brush for brows
Brush which can be used as an eyeliner
Brushes are crucial makeup tools for applying makeup and this means they need to be of good quality. A good quality brush is dense and soft at the same time. It must be able to pick up makeup product in such a way that product is on the brush. You can then tap the brush and excess product will fall out but importantly there will still be enough product on the brush.
brush set
10 Piece Lux Silver Brush Set 2


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