Happy Birthday Glamore Cosmetics

It has been 5 years since we started Glamore Cosmetics and it has indeed been a rollercoaster ride. I could write a very long post on the past 5 years but this post isn’t about that.

This post is about being here after 5 years (surviving) – and being grateful to each of you who has supported us. Whether you have bought from us online, Takealot, come to our events or even supported us on social media – THANK YOU FOR FIVE YEARS. And some of you have bought something and continued to post for us, others have stayed in touch and become good friends. These big or small gestures is what we value so much.

happy birthday

Without your support we really would not be here. Your loyalty to us as a brand is like family or friendship – it has meant so much. Each comment/ like/ share or purchase keeps us going. When we started out we set the bar – cruelty free, hypoallergenic and in some cases vegan friendly makeup and skincare. And we have not waivered, simply because we know that our products are good for sensitive skin and all skin types and tones.

What you might not know is that we also endeavored to support all skin tones – this was so important that we include ALL the people in South Africa.  At one stage we were unable to do it because our supplier had problems producing makeup for darker skins. Their products were unstable and were taken off the market. It took 3 months of intensive research and negotiation to find a new brand – a brand that would be able to offer products for all our customers. A brand that was cruelty free, hypoallergenic and vegan friendly so still maintaining our original ethos.

Birthday Vibes - 5 Years Baby!! 1

As you know I am a Scientist by profession so it matters – ingredients/ how our products are made is important to me. The fact that our brands have ISO numbers and attain to International standards is of crucial importance – like the Gold Standard in Cosmetics. Not only that but they give me confidence in knowing the ingredients and I do know each and every one – so when someone says ‘Gael we are halaal are there beetle extracts in your lipsticks I can confidently answer. I am confident that our products are made in such a way that they are not harmful to anyone.

To read more about how important it is to use products that are cruelty free – here is my latest blog post. All our current brands are made in the EU. I am seriously enjoying the new products from Pierre Rene and Miyo Makeup as they are Vegan Friendly. Delia Products; our latest brand also has loads of vegan friendly products – I have to admit that the bath bombs are my favorite BUT in saying this I do love their Vitamin C serum!!!

See – how I went on a tangent and digressed – this is our birthday month and I want to thank a really special person. My daughter Emma – without you and your constant support, love and friendship I would not have survived the last 5 years. You are my inspiration. When things are tough we swear and rant and rave and we find a way – because there is ALWAYS a way. Thank you for being you! I don’t want to say anymore just know that you are my heart beat every single day. #tears

happy birthday

So with our 5th birthday – this gift is from us to you. It is has something from ALL our brands and it is our biggest competition ever. Here are the rules:

  1. leave a comment to enter (mandatory)
  2. share this post
  3. make sure you are following us on Instagram (mandatory)
  4. you can share the IG post once a day = 5 points
  5. you can tag as many friends as you have once a day = 5 points
  6. you can post onto your stories once a day = 5 points
  7. please also follow Shannin our brand ambassador who will be posting more content: here is her IG link
  8. the winner will be chosen randomly
  9. the competition only runs for 5 days

When you follow all these rules you will get an extra 15 points! And to end off, again thank you for being part of our glam family, for sticking with us through the good and bad times. We care about each of you – you matter!! Happy Birthday Vibes and to the next 5 years right?

Lots of love




39 thoughts on “Birthday Vibes – 5 Years Baby!!

  1. Happy 5th Birthday Glamore Cosmetics! Can’t wait to celebrate this brand throughout the upcoming month.
    So proud of this brand, you guys really do sell only the best of the best!

  2. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Glamore Cosmetics! Here is to many more years of success, growth, and happiness! Sending lots of love. ?

  3. Happy Birthday Glamore Cosmetics. I wish your business all success into the future and no failure to ever fa upon you in the years to come

  4. I still remember how I found your page, I still remember how we chatted via email that evening back n forth – email pen pals ?. Your genuine willingness to treat a stranger like your friend/family member is the most amazing feeling in the world because it is so rare these days. Thank you ladies for creating this incredible brand for us ?

  5. Happy 5th Birthday glam fam ❤️u do really bring the best products to us and never disappoint ?

  6. Happy 5th Birthday. Wishing you many more years of success, blessings and a whole lot of fun times. Love the products and service. Absolutely amazing.

  7. So excited for you guys for this milestone. I get amped everytime I see a mail in my inbox. Can’t wait to see all the amazing things you achieve

  8. Happy happy birthday Glamore Team. What a wonderful giveaway so one can look fab. Excited that the lovely Shannin can make me glam too if I win. Glam fairy of note

  9. Birthday Blessings ?
    May you and your business always grow from strength to strength and flourish with each day

  10. This is so exciting, not only because there is free stuff up for grabs but I’m inlove with the products!! I’ve used the bubble masks and currently still use three eyelash serum and my word? it’s breathtaking and magic! @glamoresa offers such great service and products that are hypoallergenic really helps since I have really bad allergies and sensitive skin and eyes. MAY @glamoresa continue shining and growing with love and support from all loyal customers happy five years counting ?❤️?

  11. Happy Birthday Glamore Cosmetics still one of my absolute favourite brands by far ? I’m absolutely proud of how far you’ve come ? I wish you nothing but happiness and prosperity may your brand continue to grow ?❤️ Lots of love ps. Still obsessed with my miyo outstanding lip gloss?

  12. Congratulations Gael, wish you many more years of success and bliss. Daughters are a true blessing from God. I wish you and Emma all the best as you go forward keep growing in every aspect of life. It’s amazing how your bio botanical face wash and cream was so kind to my skin loved it! Much love Gael??here’s to many more birthdays of your healthy business

  13. Happy birthday may you be blessed out of your stocks! Sounds better in afrikaans but hey congrats and all the best for you. Love the brand love the products keep up the amazing work!

  14. Happy 5Th birthday glamore cosmetics
    Hope to win the competition on the 10.10.2020 it’s my wedding day and I will use all your products

    1. Happy birth day 5th birthday to glamore cosmetics, i wish you sucess, the battles that may come along the way, may you conquer them all, i wish all the best in the future❤️

  15. Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy 5th Birthday Glamore Cosmetics ?? May your business and mother/daughter relationship continue growing from strength to strength for many years to come?☺

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