SPF50 Cream

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Light protective face and body cream HIGH PROTECTION with SPF 50 non greasy and even waterproof.

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SPF50 Cream from Delia Cosmetics

Light protective face and body cream HIGH PROTECTION with SPF 50
SPF 50 provides skin protection for more than 12 hours!
  • Daily protection of the face and body against UVA/UVB light, harmful external factors and pollution.
  • Year-round protection, regardless of the season.
  • The right level of skin hydration.
  • SPF50 cream Stops photo-ageing processes in the skin.
  • Pleasant care thanks to its light texture, which is quickly absorbed and provides a feeling of comfort.

Our wonderful South African climate allows for an array of fun outdoor activities, which in turn means we are exposed to the sun. Whilst we all need the Vitamin D provided by the sun, sun-exposure can speed up the skin ageing process. It is well established that the use of a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen helps to protect your skin from ageing. SPF50 is better than UVA/ B because it offers another layer of the protection from the harsh effects of the sun. SPF50 cream is not waterproof so please remember to reapply after swimming or even after sweating during sport.

spf50 cream

This SPF50 cream can be used with our Ekoflorist skincare after application of the Day Cream as added protection.


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