Makeup Fixer Spray 150 ml

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Makeup Fixer Spray that sets your makeup all day long. Perfect for brides when you need confidence in your makeup.

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Makeup Fixer Spray 150 ml that sets your makeup all day long.

A professional product for make-up fixing.

This makeup fixer spray 150 ml colourless fixing facial mist spray provides
lightweight, invisible, protective film, which makes the make-up last longer and protects it from
smearing Thanks to the fixing solution your make-up and its vibrant colours will not fade during the day.
The effect of the fixed make-up lasts for many hours.
It can be easily washed off with makeup remover or warm water with soap. And if you need to know why a makeup remover is important in your skincare routine you must read the blog post.

150 ml lasts for 3-6 months if not longer.

This product is really great for brides. The reason being is that it really works to fix your makeup so that it stays on the whole day. So it gives you the confidence – the last thing you want is worrying about your makeup smudging right? It has also been described as “hair spray for your face”.

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2 reviews for Makeup Fixer Spray 150 ml

  1. Nadia

    Possibly the greatest makeup product in the world!
    I have oily skin and I normally sweat my eyeshadow off especially in summer. If this sounds like you, try this fixing spray. My makeup stays all day – no need to touch up even from morning to night, no matter how hot it is or how hectic your day is.

  2. Siobhan Yeatman

    Locks makeup in place ALL DAY LONG! Fab for events!

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