Long 4 Lashes Serum 3 ml

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Long 4 lashes serum 3 ml an efficient serum for eyelashes and eyebrows; with an unique formula that lengthens, thickens, strengthens and improves the condition of eyelashes and eyebrows. Works after 2 weeks and one can see a result.

Active Substance: Bimatoprost which is currently THE most effective compound to stimulate eyelash and eyebrow growth.


  • For all women who dream of long healthy eyelashes and eyebrows and you can use a mascara during the day
  • Is recommended for women who have short natural eyelashes
  • But also highly recommended for women who have undergone chemotherapy


  • Longer eyelashes
  • Thicker eyelashes
  • Stronger eyelashes
  • Visible results after 3 weeks


  • Can be used by someone who wears contact lenses (please apply without the contact lens in your eye)
  • By people after chemotherapy
  • After permanent makeup


One movement of the hand is all that is needed. And once a day at night preferably.

Check out the attached images of before and after – you can clearly see the difference and this is with ONLY ONE vial of L4L.


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