Blender and Brush Cleaner

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Blender and Brush Cleaner (L4L) is super easy to use leaving makeup tools refreshed and shiny clean.

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Blender and Brush Cleaner (from L4L)

Blender and Brush Cleaner

LONG4LASHES Cleaning liquid for PROFESSIONAL blender and brushes

Professional liquid perfectly cleanses and effectively removes traces of use of make-up cosmetics, including greasy ones.

This Oceanic blender & brush cleaner is like a mild detergent which doe not damage the accessories, keeping them in perfect condition. The formula, enriched with baobab and evening primrose oil, cares for the bristles, leaves the accessories soft and delicate and maintains their natural shape and fluffiness.

The large capacity of the brush and blender liquid and its convenient application mean that you can enjoy clean makeup accessories longer.

How to use: Washing brushes:

Dispense a small amount of liquid into a dish or on your hand, add a small amount of water, dip the bristles in it and wash with circular movements. Then rinse with a stream of water (bristles downwards) and dry with a tissue.

Washing the sponge: Dispense a small amount of liquid into the dish or directly on the blender, add a small amount of water and rinse under a stream of water. Then thoroughly squeeze out the water and wipe it with a tissue.

blender and brush cleaner




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