3 Winter Lip Savers

3 Winter Lip Savers 1

Hello Winter!! Hello dry chapped lips!!Need Winter Lip Savers!!

And just in time for Winter….we have some awesome smelling life savers…..I mean Lip Savers!!! #mybad

These can be your treats for Winter….they all smell so good!!!

So from Hean we have a sugar peeling scrub and a lip elixir to keep your lips healthy all year round actually. The lip scrub contains small granules inside and must be left on the lips for at least 2 minutes. After this use a warm cloth or sponge to remove the scrub.

3 Winter Lip Savers 2

3 Winter Lip Savers 3

Find them here!

3 Winter Lip Savers 4

And then from MIYO we have the most stunning lip gloss. I use mine every day and it really makes my lips feel healthy.

3 Winter Lip Savers 5

 Find it here!

During Winter – our lips can become very dry and that is why we need to use a lip scrub. This gets rid of any dead or loose skin. Once you have done this at least twice a week you can then apply the lip elixir or the lip gloss on the daily which will not only nourish your lips but protect them from drying and cracking.

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