Skin Care, Who Cares? You Should! 1
Happy-After-Holidays! I hope everyone had a good one spent with family, friends and food! I also hope that you got some rest and are ready for whatever the New Year decides to throw at you. Today, I would like to chat to you about some skincare products that I love! Why? I feel that skincare is often underrated. People try cover up their skin issues with makeup instead of starting with a skincare routine. Thus, makeup will never look the way you want it to without a good skincare routine. That’s where Oceanic Cosmetics come in. Their skincare ranges are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.
Skin Care, Who Cares? You Should! 2
The Hydro-Algi range contains algae, which provides the unique benefits of the deep, clean ocean water. There is a blue algae and pink algae. The blue algae range is for normal to combination skin and the pink algae range is for normal to dry skin. Both ranges provide intense, lasting hydration as well as 24H wear. The 24H creams quench the skin’s thirst but are lightweight and absorbed instantly by the skin. The range also has a cleansing face wash that removes impurities and makeup– WINNING!
Skin Care, Who Cares? You Should! 3

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