Pride Makeup SA (as promised)

When I put this post together and asked some people for feedback on what pride meant to them I had no idea how it would turn out! But….I really am so proud of how it all came together. Thank you to those that contributed, these looks are amazing and we are so appreciative of your talent – it means so much. Thank you to Shannin who got the photos and comments for me. My previous blog post can be found here – it was about gay pride and how far I think we have come. I don’t want to write too much I think the looks and captions below say everything. I have learnt so much my only take home message is ‘no one is perfect – we are human’. Have the best best week. Stay safe.

Pride Makeup 2020

Some of our products were used to create these looks such as the Carnival Palette, Neon Sprinkle Mes and MIYO Lip gloss.

Here are the 8 makeup looks and captions included – what does pride mean to you? Leave a comment at the bottom of this post would love to hear what you think.

warren pride makeup

pride makeup

pride makeup

pride makeup




gay pride


16 thoughts on “Pride Makeup SA

  1. Love that you always go out of your way to make the Glamore community a happy place for all! Thank you for creating this safe & inspiring community ❤️

  2. We are all perfect in our own way! Love all shapes and types, be authentically you! Love this ❤️

  3. Absolutely loved this post and loved reading everyone’s comments. Thank-you for allowing me to be apart of this ?

  4. Love this blog post and seeing what pride means to each individual! Plus, the talent is INSANE ?

  5. So inspiring to see artists from all walks of life expressing themselves without limitation. Thanks for sharing this article.

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