Were Facial Masks Just a Trend?

Do you ever think ‘oh goodness that facial mask trend is so not going to last’ or that fad is nearly over thank goodness.

And some trends can even last longer than others and then make a come back (fashion for instance) but it seems that when a skincare trend is buried it doesn’t come back to life! Unlike fashion, here are some fashion trends that are making a come back:

Hey You! Are Facial Masks Extinct?? 2020 1 Dungarees     Hey You! Are Facial Masks Extinct?? 2020 2 Mommy Pants

When was the last time you used a Facial Mask?

So with that in mind, a question: When was the last time you masked? With liquid exfoliators and retinols addressing the pore situation, serums and essence helping out on the hydration front, and vitamin C turning up the brightness…what is there left to do? Seems like all the essential skincare bases are covered right? And pretty well, at that. You wouldn’t want to overdo it now…..

Hey You! Are Facial Masks Extinct?? 2020 3

Hey You! Are Facial Masks Extinct?? 2020 4

This one we did only to find out I was allergic to Avocados.

Facial Masks have an eternal feel to them!

Plus there’s so much to choose from today – our choices are limitless – where to really start? Well I want to answer this – as much as you spend on makeup you will always and forever need clean skin! And yes face wash is good I mean face wash is EXCELLENT! But masks have an eternal feel to them – they go way back – for me it is about the ‘ritual or experience’ A little ‘me time’ if you will?

Hey You! Are Facial Masks Extinct?? 2020 5

The type of masks may change…sheet masks, mask packs, mint julep masks, cold cream masks with grandma, irresponsible lemon and yogurt masks as a pre-teen but I do believe that they won’t be going anywhere soon. Maybe they are seasonal? I just think watching TV or having a long bath (when we don’t have water restrictions obviously) make masking complete. Plus my skin always feels so fresh and clean and new.

Hey You! Are Facial Masks Extinct?? 2020 6

AA Cosmetics Facial Masks Can be Used for Multi Masking

AA Cosmetics have some of the best masks I have ever tried – and I did try each and every one of them. In fact I did what Sharfaa did, we created a multi mask using the different clay masks. You can watch the video below and….I have also added the link to the AA Cosmetics masks (ALL of them just to be thorough).


All our Masks!

For me – it forces me to take a TIME OUT and cleans my skin in the process #winning and yes I know we are busy busy but that’s why stopping masking would be such a bad idea 🙂

Hey You! Are Facial Masks Extinct?? 2020 7

Instagram Stories – The Holy Grail

Okay so what I did was I created a small poll on Instagram asking my special people some masking questions. Here are their answers. Thank you so much for every one who answered me it means so much. If you have something to add please remember you can always leave a comment. And PS: our bubble masks are really something special they work immediately and are from AA Cosmetics.

Hey You! Are Facial Masks Extinct?? 2020 8         Hey You! Are Facial Masks Extinct?? 2020 9

For all the answers go watch the story on Instagram.

Stay sweet.


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