Red? As in the color Red? As in the Color Red Lipstick!

This blog post was inspired by my aunt – she is 98 years ‘young’ – imagine knowing someone who has lived that long? She is my Mom’s sister and I would say she is the closest mother figure I have, as my Mom passed away when I was 18 years ‘old’.

My aunt is such a kind person really her heart is golden. She is frail but boy is she stubborn and feisty – look Gael I can still cross the road on my own! She point blank refuses to pay for parking. She makes me park and then we walk – and she won’t go on the bus either – she takes the ‘black taxi’ as she calls it. She says they are so lovely to her, they help her up and off and always wish her a super day. So what is her secret to longevity?

I honestly don’t know but she did tell me the other day that everyone should have the courage to wear a red lipstick! And so here is my post – darling auntie Celie I love you! Thank you for teaching me to value kindness more than anything in life.

Let It Be Red! 1

I need to say this upfront – anyone can wear and rock a Red Lip – as long as it makes them feel comfortable and happy. It is all about your skin tone and that is what I am going to write about today – how you can choose the right shade of Red Lipstick for your skin tone. Also if you feel there is too much Red pigment you can always dab some off with your fingers or even a tissue. Red is a color that represents romance (roses) but also sexy – edgy and powerful.

Red is one of those Universal colors that you don’t need to shy away from – you can embrace it as long as you know the different under tones in the lipstick and which one will suit your skin tone.

Light skin tones always look amazing in a classic blue-toned red or even with a bit of a dark red – as long as it’s on the cooler side it is bound to suit anyone with fair-to-light skin. If your skin is on the paler end of the spectrum, look for a red with a touch of pink for a playful take on a crimson lip.

Let It Be Red! 3

For pale skin tones we suggest the following lipsticks from our range:

Let It Be Red! 5

this is for me a Universal Red and can go with any skin tone – it is from the Pierre Rene Cashmere range

If you’ve got golden or warm undertones, a fiery orange-red will be your new calling card. For medium skin tones, an orange-red shade (sunsets) come to mind. Like the way oranges mix with reds and taupes in the sky, the same hues work in harmony with medium complexions. Poetry aside, a poppy red also helps cancel out any sallowness you may have in your skin.

Let It Be Red! 7

For medium tone skin tones we suggest the following lipsticks from our range:

Let It Be Red! 9Let It Be Red! 11

this is the Royal Matt shade in number 18 Auraro which has an orangey undertone.

Darker skin tones can play with deeper, warmer reds or even a deep, bright, matte red. Burgundy shades have gorgeous hints of brown that make it a perfect match for the darker complexion.

Let It Be Red! 13

For dark complexions we suggest the following lipsticks from our range:

Let It Be Red! 9    Let It Be Red! 17

this is the shade 23 dry wine from the Royal Matt lipstick collection.

Here are some of our girls rocking our red lipsticks. I hope you will consider giving it a try (at least once) after all it might be the key to longevity 🙂

Sending love and hugs to you all.


Let It Be Red! 19 Let It Be Red! 21 Let It Be Red! 23 Let It Be Red! 25 Let It Be Red! 27 Let It Be Red! 29

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