HEAN HD Foundation test drive – lasted 12 hours.

We asked one of the most infamous makeup artists in Cape Town to take the Full Cover Hean HD Foundation for a test drive – a whole 12 hours! This is the completed look – watch the video to see how Aiysha put it all together.

Full Cover Hean HD Foundation does the 12 hour test! 1

We wanted an honest opinion – we legit wanted to know if this foundation could last the whole day without smudging or sliding off.

Aiysha is the owner of MBA Beauty Lounge and she did the test for us. She has been doing for 12 years and now owns her own business.

All the products she used are from Hean and I have put a list together here with links so you can click on them and make a purchase. And then you too can create the look that she did.

Hean Perfect Makeup Base – Primer

Hean HD Full Cover Foundation shade 704

Glamore Cosmetics Bevel Sponge (green)

Hean Sculpting Palette

Hean My Favorite Eyeshadow

Luxury Waterproof Eyeliner

Hean Liquid Lipstick in Smoked Rubin 

And did the Foundation survive 12 hours? Well according to Aiysha it really did 🙂 and I am so pleased that it did!!!

You should try it. If you need help matching your shade please get in touch with us: [email protected] or 082 305 4152

And we also send samples and then you just need to pay a delivery fee of R65!!! So easy right – I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sending fairy dust and magic dragons.



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