Foundation as a Game Changer

Why is Foundation a Game Changer you ask? Well let me put it this way: if applied ‘correctly’ Foundation covers your flaws & evens your skins complexion making your skin look amazing!! However, if applied ‘incorrectly’ things can get cakey/ greasy/ streaky, perhaps leaving your face a different colour to the rest of you….not the ideal situation right?

Well we are here to assist you so don’t stress! 

At this point we have two HEAN liquid Foundations both are top sellers on our site. I thought I would just tell you a little bit about them and then I will share the 10 FOUNDATION COMMANDMENTS with you.

1stly the Mat Effect Foundation:

This product contains a moisturizer and a foundation almost like a double whammy PLUS is does have UVA/ B filters so it can function as a ‘mild’ sunblock. This Foundation is perfect for Summer because it leaves the skin smooth, shine free and fresh. Has FIVE different basic shades of which one will match your skin yes? YES!!

Foundation as a Game Changer 1

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2ndly the Studio Lift Foundation:

This Foundation is a real gem with anti aging properties and an SPF 10 plus as an added bonus it has ingredients which literally ‘lift’ the skin producing making it ‘wrinkle-free’. Also with 5 different shades we really do have you covered.

Foundation as a Game Changer 2

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 Remember if at any stage you are unsure about anything please don’t hesitate to contact us. I promise we will try and assist you match the colour to your skin.

 And here they are the 10 Foundation Commandments:

 Foundation as a Game Changer 3

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