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Foundation is serious business. After the Broadway workshop which was a great success I asked Tiffany if she wouldn’t mind writing a blog post about her experience – it turned out she had a lot to say about the PIERRE RENE’ FOUNDATION. The following information is from Tiffany – I found it really valuable and I hope you will too.

Hi, my name is Tiffany.

To understand my foundation dilemma, one needs to better understand my skin type. I have a sensitive, extremely dry and flaky skin type which causes matte foundation to separate on my skin. On the other hand, my face sweats very easily on my T-zone which causes oily foundation to get patted away during the day.

Every Person Should Try the Pierre Rene Foundation! 1

Foundation dilemma.

My foundation dilemma started when Revlon colorstay foundation kept altering their shade formulas. Originally when I started applying foundation, I used Revlon Colorstay combination/dry foundation in the shade toast. However, as the years went on, the formula kept altering until the toast shade was either too light or had too much of a orange undertone.

This ignited the search for a new foundation. I then turned to Yardley Stayfast foundation, also in the shade toast. The foundation is cost-effective and it has a dewy texture which encouraged me to make the purchase. What I had noticed about the Yardley foundation, was that it transferred too much which made me rethink purchasing the brand every time. However, I kept buying this foundation because I couldn’t find my perfect shade in other cost-effective make-up brands.

Essence foundation, for myself personally, is far too much of a liquid consistency and Catrice did not cater to my caramel skin tone.

Every Person Should Try the Pierre Rene Foundation! 2

I then received a Mac Make-up voucher, which brings me to my current foundation dilemma. Although the foundation is medium to full coverage, the chemicals inside the foundation are far too harsh for my skin as it burns my under-eye area. To avoid this, I was forced to use my concealer on my under-eye area before applying my foundation which at times left my face feeling extremely heavy and cakey.

Every Person Should Try the Pierre Rene Foundation! 3  Every Person Should Try the Pierre Rene Foundation! 4

When searching for my perfect foundation.

When I am in search of a new foundation I look for the following:

  • medium to full coverage foundation
  • light weight
  • breathable but long lasting
  • texture – a dewy texture – more of a paste consistency than matte/ fluid

Every Person Should Try the Pierre Rene Foundation! 5

How do I test the foundation?

  • Firstly, while testing the foundation, I apply the foundation to my under-eye area to check the coverage of my under-eye dark circles.
  • I then blend the foundation down my face and into my neck to check that the shade matches the surface of my face as well as my neck area.
  • I do this to prevent the harsh bleached or darkened line that may occur when the foundation does not match the face surface and the neck area.

Every Person Should Try the Pierre Rene Foundation! 6

The Glamore Cosmetics Workshop.

I read about the Glamore Cosmetics workshop from their Instagram page. I often read their inspirational quotes or messages and watch their short videos on how to create different eyeshadow looks. This encouraged me to attend my very first make-up workshop.

I attended the Glamore Cosmetics June Workshop, where I found myself in a room surrounded by beautiful vibrant women all seeking guidance in an area I love the most. The ladies from Glamore were extremely helpful, friendly and enthusiastic which made me feel right at home. All the ladies interacted with the Glamore team as well as with each other.

The workshop started with a refreshing Pink Algae and Hyaluronic acid bubble mask, which left my dry flaky skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated. It was at this workshop that I was introduced to the Pierre Rene’ Skin Balance Foundation. Upon application of the foundation, I felt no burning sensation on my under-eye area and the foundation was dewy in texture, breathable and light-weight. The coverage is medium to full, one may also build up the coverage as I have without your face feeling cakey due to many layers of foundation.  The shade matched the surface of my face as well as my neck area perfectly. The Pierre Rene’ correcting concealer also has a dewy consistency which pairs perfectly with the foundation.

Every Person Should Try the Pierre Rene Foundation! 7       Every Person Should Try the Pierre Rene Foundation! 8

Every Person Should Try the Pierre Rene Foundation! 9       Every Person Should Try the Pierre Rene Foundation! 10

My at home experience of the Pierre René foundation.

I was really impressed with the Skin Balance foundation which lead to me purchasing it after the workshop, along with the correcting concealer. The next day, I applied the foundation along with the correcting concealer. As at the workshop, upon application the foundation was dewy in texture, medium to full coverage, light weight and breathable. Even though the foundation is a dewy consistency, it dries leaving a flawless matte finish which allows my bronzer powder to blend effortlessly. The shade of the foundation compliments my Lumi sparkling dust (from HEAN) to create that amazing glow, highlighting just below my cheekbone and along the bridge of my nose. Due to the quick drying formula and flawless matte finish, the other products I made use of blended with the foundation. As opposed to the products resting above the foundation, getting stuck to the foundation and causing defined lines rather than allowing the products to blend together. I personally knew that this foundation was my new Go-to, when my mother asked me what I had used differently with my make-up routine that day as well as complimenting how natural my face appeared. I went through an entire nine-hour day and when I checked back in the mirror before washing my face, my face looked the same as when I had just applied the foundation.

Every Person Should Try the Pierre Rene Foundation! 11Every Person Should Try the Pierre Rene Foundation! 12

Every Person Should Try the Pierre Rene Foundation! 13Every Person Should Try the Pierre Rene Foundation! 14

Every Person Should Try the Pierre Rene Foundation! 15Every Person Should Try the Pierre Rene Foundation! 16

Why every single women should just give it a try.

I enjoy the dewy consistency as well as the quick drying formula of the foundation and the concealer. I appreciate how effortlessly I am able to blend my bronzer and highlighter together.  I would recommend this range of foundation and concealer to women who enjoy wearing make-up daily however, do not want their faces to appear cakey but rather have a natural glow and matte flawless finish. The foundation is long lasting and has extremely minimal to no transfer-ability. Not to mention it is definitely budget friendly.

These are ALL the products Tiffany used to create her look:


Foundation: Pierre Rene’ Skin Balance Foundation in shade 30.

Concealer: Pierre Rene’ Correcting Concealer in shade 8.

Eyebrows: Hean, Eyebrow Professional Set.

Bronzer: Hean, High Definition Egyptian Sunshine.

Highlighter: Hean, Lumi Sparkling Dust.

Mascara: Pierre Rene’ Apocalypse.

Lips: Pierre Rene’ Matte Fluid Lipstick in shade 05– Charm of Provence.

Setting Spray: Hean, High Definition Make up Fixer Spray.

What you guys think? Did you enjoy this post? Let us know okay?

And have the best week.


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