Being pale all year round is real – can you relate? Which is why I totally LOVE my bronzer, not only does it structure my face but it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

Bronzer adds warmth to your face.

Using a bronzer is a great way of adding warmth and dimension to the face, without contouring. It can look really natural and glowy, which is everything your skin should look like in winter (in my opinion). So today, let’s chat about choosing the right shade of bronzer; how to bronze your face and my favorite bronzing tricks.

How To Apply Bronzer By Avoiding 7 Common Mistakes 1

Bronzer is important to me. After I’ve applied primer, foundation, concealer and powder I always apply bronzer. It takes my face from flat and lifeless to warm and three dimensional. I’m really pale. Like translucent-in-the-sun-pale! I use two bronzers. One cool-toned matte bronzer and then a more orange, warm-toned bronzer with a hint of shimmer in it (will link these at the bottom of the post).

I use my cool-toned bronzer almost like a contour- in the hollows of my cheeks, along my hair line and under my jaw. I then add some more warmth with the other bronzer- just in the very hollows of my cheeks. I try not to go too overboard with the darker bronzer because then it looks too dark on me and I can look all orange!

How To Apply Bronzer By Avoiding 7 Common Mistakes 2

This leads me to my first tip: find the right shade of bronzer for your skin tone! You may think that a certain shade of bronzer is really beautiful but it could be too harsh for you skin tone. A bronzer should be darker than your skin colour and suit your undertones. I have very blue veins (look in your arms for your colour) so cool-toned bronzers suit me best.

Makeup artists recommend applying bronzer in the shape of a 3 on both sides of your face. So, your bronzer should be applied under your cheekbones and jawline to accentuate and then along your forehead, close to your hairline. The shape of your face can also determine where you apply the bronzer.

How To Apply Bronzer By Avoiding 7 Common Mistakes 3

Bronzer is a fantastic way to fake a tan, without going into the sun or adding harsh chemicals to your skin. But, make sure that your bronzer is blended out properly. Here are some common bronzer mistakes:

  1. You’re choosing a shade that is too orange
  2. Choosing a shade that is too shimmery
  3. You’re not layering the colour. You’re adding too much colour all at once instead of slowing building the colour up.
  4. Applying bronzer all over your face instead of in the targeted areas.
  5. Using the incorrect tools such as brushes that are too dense.
  6. Using the wrong formula.
  7. Not testing your bronzer in natural lighting.

Here are some of my favorite photos of beauties with gorgeous bronzer what do you think?

How To Apply Bronzer By Avoiding 7 Common Mistakes 4        How To Apply Bronzer By Avoiding 7 Common Mistakes 5

We have some lovely bronzers from Pierre Rene and Miyo Makeup.

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