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Emma here and in today’s blog post, I want to discuss blending. All kinds of blending: powders, eyeshadow, foundation, all of it. Blending 101 is super important because it ensures that your makeup looks flawless and seamless. Let’s get into it.

Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 1

Pro tip: Blending 101 match perfectly your foundation to your jawline!

Your neck is usually a little darker than your face so, to get a better match that looks even and natural, match to your neck! Also, if you are going to use a sponge to apply your foundation, wet. the. sponge. The sponge will soak up the water and expand, squeeze the excess water out and use the damp sponge to apply your foundation. A damp sponge ensures that the sponge won’t soak up too much of your foundation! You can thank me now. I want all the thanks!

Right, blending 101 foundation. You can use either a sponge (my personal fav) or a foundation brush (use a densely packed buffing brush). When applying your foundation, put foundation onto the back of your hand. I prefer to pick foundation up from the back of my hand instead of dotting on the face because, sometimes, foundation dries very quickly and can be difficult to blend out.

My current foundation is the Pierre Rene – loving it!

Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 2

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I start applying my foundation onto my cheeks and then work inwards to my nose. I then apply to my forehead and end by bringing the foundation down my nose. Crucially, when blending out foundation, I blend into my hairline; over my ears and down my neck. This makes sure that I have an even, smooth blend.

Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 3

Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 4          Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 5

When blending out powders, it’s all about having the right brushes/tools. Let’s start with bronzer/contour because that’s where I like to start. I apply bronzer underneath my cheekbones to sculpt. I apply in a diagonal line into the hollows of my cheek. Once I’ve placed the product where I want it, I blend the product out in circular motions. Make sure not to blend the product up too high because that will overly-sculpt the face.

Take the excess product left on the brush, onto the forehead, blending 101 into the hairline. I also like to pick up a little extra bronzer and curve out the jawline a little bit, not too much.

 I am currently using the Coconut Palette from Hean #musthave

Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 6

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                                   Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 7

Next, blush. I like to apply blush in an ‘XO’ shape. Bring the blush down my cheekbone to just above the apple of my cheek, using circular motions to blend in and then swiping the excess product back up.

Remember to blend the blush and bronzer together a little so that you don’t have two distinct lines on your face. I don’t want to show you the state of my blusher it is on its legs but if I choose again I would try the Sculpting palette from HEAN – the blush is just perfect.

Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 8

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Highlight. Highlight. Highlight. Highlight. All the highlight! I can never get enough highlighter! I apply highlighter on the high points of my face—above and into my blush. I like to use two highlighters because I am extra. I deal with it. I apply my extra blingy highlighter to the front of my cheekbone. There is no such thing as too much highlighter! I also like to apply highlighter above my eyebrows and onto the tip of my nose.

I am loving the highlighter from the Happy Time Palette from HEAN

Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 9

Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 10

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Now, onto the trickier parts of doing makeup (in my humble opinion): eyeshadow. Doing my eyeshadow is a brand new part of my makeup routine. Eyeshadow has always intimidated me because I have hooded eyes and not a lot of lid space. But, I have always loved all things sparkly and glittery and pretty eyeshadows always attract me to them. I’m like a magpie.

With the new 5 Point eyeshadows from Miyo, I have found the confidence to experiment with eyeshadow. These eyeshadows are so easy to blend. They’re pigmented but also forgiving. It’s very difficult to mess up because these shadows give you so much wiggle room.

Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 11 Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 12

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Now, I’ve only ever done 3 eyeshadow looks on myself but so far, it’s going well! I’m going to walk you through my technique that I have spent years learning (through YouTube but I’m saying that it counts as practical training). I always start my eyeshadow look with a base shade that I apply all over the lid, into the crease and up to just below the brow bone.

I like to use a fluffy, medium sized eyeshadow brush. This creates a smooth, evenly-pigmented base for me to work with. You can build up the color, if you’d like if you only want to use one shade for your eye look. Make sure you use buffing, circular movements to fluff and blend the shadow.

Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 13Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 14

Once I’ve built the color up to my liking, I take a smaller, slightly fluffy eyeshadow brush to pack a darker color eyeshadow onto the outer edge of my eye. I apply the darker shade in the shape of a sideways ‘V’ like a < or >. This helps shape my eye and give definition to the look. After I’ve laid down the darker shade, I go in with a clean fluffy brush (can even be the same brush that we used first) and blend the two shades together.

I want to buff out the harsh edges created by and I use small, circular motions to do so. I then add slightly more definition to the crease using windshield wiper motions to define the crease. I pull the color into the crease (the area between the lid and brow bone).

I’m happy with the blend now, comes my most favorite part: shiny!! There are two ways to pack glittery/shiny shades onto your lids.

  1. Using your finger;
  2. Use a flat eyeshadow brush

Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 15

Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 16  Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 17

Either way is perfect but I like to mix it up. I go in with my finger first and pack the color onto open lid space—make sure to not go too far into the darker eyeshadow! Then, I pick up some eyeshadow with the flat brush and pack on some more shimmer (this is an extra step and you don’t need to do both). I sometimes spray my eyeshadow brush with a setting spray before applying the shimmer shade. This intensifies the sparkle and I love that!

Final step to my eyeshadow is to blend, very gently, the shimmer shade into the darker shade. Think: a smooth, seamless gradient.

Here are some finished looks blending 101:

Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 18

Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 19

In the 2nd look I used the Oh! She’s A Gold Digger

The palette is the Miyo 5 Point Eyeshadow in Oh, She’s a Gold Digger

Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 20Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 21

Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 22

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Annnnnd done blending 101(unless I decide to add some highlight to the inner corners and brow bones and knowing me, I will!)

I also want to mention that the staying power of the makeup is INSANE! Even after 12 hours, the makeup looks so fresh and natural. It doesn’t cake up or meltdown. I’m in love!

Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 23        Blending 101 Perfectly Match Your Foundations 24

Chat soon and see you on Instagram.

Thank you for reading my post blending 101 to perfectly match your foundation.


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