Even though women have been “drawing” and styling their eyebrows since the beginning of time, never in the history of life have eyebrows been as important as they are now.

The first mistake most people made was to shave off their natural eyebrows only to draw on some of the most imaginative shapes we have ever seen. And the sad part is, eyebrows just don’t grow back the same after they have experienced the trauma of being shaved off completely.

If you have young people in your family or you are lucky enough to still have the eyebrows you were born with, listen (read) carefully: DO NOT SHAVE THEM OFF! Never. All you have to do is have them shaped by a professional and then maintain that shape.

Not everyone is born with great eyebrows though so there are some people who need help in the form of the modern miracle of make up. And that’s where our tips come in, here’s how to get brows on fleek in 7 steps (images courtesy of Pintrest).

Shaping your eyebrows might feel like a lot of work, but it’s worth it. Neat and tidy eyebrows do a lot to transform your face, creating a polished look.

Step 1: Tame

Use a brow brush (which is pretty much shaped like a mascara wand) to brush your eyebrows into a neat shape. If you want to take it a step further, dip the brush into a brow gel and brush over them to set the brows in place and add a little extra definition.

7 Steps How to get Eyebrows On Point Perfect 1

Step 2: Outline

Use a pencil, preferably a brown one because black is too harsh, to outline your desired shape. If you already have eyebrows, this should follow their natural shape. If you don’t, you’re either going to have to great at drawing or you’re going to need a stencil.

If you’re going over the natural shape, just focus on defining the inner and outer ends of your brows which are going to be filled at a later stage.

7 Steps How to get Eyebrows On Point Perfect 2

Step 3: Fill

For this step you’re going to need a flat angled brush and a powdery eyebrow tint pigment. You’re then going to simply color in between the lines.

7 Steps How to get Eyebrows On Point Perfect 3

Step 4: Define with a concealer

You’re going to need another flat angled brush for this one (you can’t use the same one as it already has a dark pigment on it). You’re going to dip the brush in a very tiny bit of concealer and outline the brows with it. You can add more concealer bit by bit as you go along.

Do not worry if the concealer is showing, you’re going to blend it in at a later stage.

7 Steps How to get Eyebrows On Point Perfect 4

Step 5: Blend

Blend on the lines of the concealer. Be careful not to erase your eyebrows.

You can used a beauty sponge to do this (or a regular make up sponge if you’re good with your hands and you won’t mess up your hard work).

7 Steps How to get Eyebrows On Point Perfect 5

Step 6: Highlight

You’re going to need a highlighter for this step and you going to brush it in a half-moon shape under the arch of the brow and blend it.

7 Steps How to get Eyebrows On Point Perfect 6

Step 7: Lighten

Lastly you’re going to lighten the inner ends of the brow for that fade in effect using the brow brush you started with at the beginning. Remember to take it slowly and go step by step so as not to have to start from scratch if you mess it up.

7 Steps How to get Eyebrows On Point Perfect 7

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7 Steps How to get Eyebrows On Point Perfect 8

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