Before launching into the different AA Cosmetic makeup removers that we have here at Glamore Cosmetics I want you to be completely honest with yourself (and me). No fingers crossed just the honest truth. Okay? (Before we get to the importance of using a makeup remover)

Do you use a makeup remover? Yes/ No

Do you have clogged pores? Black heads?

Suffer from acne (weekly or monthly)?

Dull lifeless skin?

Premature aging/ early wrinkles?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then read further because I can tell you why you need a makeup remover and you should be using it if not once a day to remove makeup but you can also use it in the morning before applying makeup.

Importance of Using a Makeup Remover

Benefits of using a makeup remover:

Really cleans your skin, gets rid of not only makeup but any impurities such as dirt, grit or grime. Not removing these from your skin causes skin irritation and early wrinkles.

Reduces the risks of pimples, redness and black-heads by keeping your pores unclogged.

Rids your skin of dead skin so promotes cellular renewal.

It stimulates skin regeneration when you rub it into your skin and finally it allows your skin to breathe.

Bottom line: a makeup remover should be part of your skincare routine because it is good for your skin!

If you do use a makeup remover and still suffer from the above symptoms it could be that you are using the WRONG makeup remover! Aaaaah that is why AA Cosmetics is so good for your skin!

The AA Cosmetics makeup range is Micellar Water which essentially cleans and tones the skin. It is simply applied with a cotton pad, no rinsing is required AND it can be used in the morning as well before makeup application to freshen your skin.

Importance of Using a Makeup Remover

You can match your skin type to an AA makeup remover:


Combination skin has been described as skin with an oily T-zone whilst the rest of the skin can be dry/ normal. Causes can be hereditary, hormonal and the environment.


Dry skin is skin lacking in oil and/or water which is caused by a number of factors such as environment, medication, hot baths and frequent use of soaps & fragrances.


Sensitive skin is the most difficult skin to treat simply because you can have combination or dry skin but it can still be sensitive which is why AA Cosmetics is such a great skincare range. It is formulated for sensitive skin. Symptoms of sensitive skin are redness, itchiness, flaking and burning.

Your skin’s natural barrier has been weakened and can no longer protect the skin. Can be caused by: stress, sudden changes in temperature, hormones, pollution and products that are harsh or abrasive.

Important to know!! Because the skin around your eyes is thinner than your face you should use a makeup remover that is specific for eyes.

And that is my story on this. It is your turn to come clean now.

You are given R165 to spend would you buy a makeup remover OR a new mascara??

Over to you in the comments.

Stay special

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